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Waterproof insulation 'should be fitted to outside pipes'

Waterproof insulation should be fitted on pipes on the outside of houses in order to prevent plumbing emergencies.

This is according to Wessex Water, which has provided tips for homeowners who wish to reduce the likelihood of their water supply becoming damaged over winter.

Heating insulation ought to be fixed to pipes, especially those in draughty or cold areas such as where they enter a building, the company added.

It claimed to have responded to almost 6,000 calls between Christmas and New Year in 2010, with 80 per cent of these due to frozen plumbing or bursts in gardens and dwellings.

"We need customers to be prepared as well and do their bit to ensure cold weather doesn't leave them without water," head of water supply for the firm Nigel Martin declared.

Fitting loft and wall insulation is also a good way to ensure a domicile is prepared for cold weather, the Scottish government's cabinet secretary for infrastructure and capital investment Alex Neil recently said.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins