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Well-insulated extension 'better than a conservatory'

Homeowners have been advised that an extension fitted with heating insulation is a better alternative to a conservatory.

Andrew Leech, spokesman for the National Home Improvement Council, claimed that although glass structures are a cheaper alternative they are less of an investment than adding an extra room to a property.

He suggested that the current economic climate has led to more people looking for cost-effective ways to expand their space.

As a result, conservatories are one option being considered by a number of individuals, it was noted.

However, Mr Leech commented that while they can "provide an extra 'room' at a relatively cheaper price", a "more substantial and well-insulated extension" has more benefits.

The National Home Improvement Council represents companies and organisations that work in the sector and holds an annual awards scheme that was first introduced in 1974.

Nominees are split into ten categories and there is an additional George Plunkett Award for the submission deemed as standing out above all others.