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World heating insulation demand 'to grow by 5% each year'

The demand for heating insulation is set to increase substantially in the next three years, according to forecasts.

Freedonia has produced a new World Insulation Market research document that suggests consumption of lagging will increase by five per cent per year until 2014.

North America is expected to lead the growth with the residential sector responsible for the majority of the gains.

Meanwhile, the Asia/Pacific region will follow closely behind as manufacturing activity and investment spending expands.

Western Europe is predicted to see rapid growth that far outstrips that seen in the previous five years as residential and building construction increases.

"The adoption of new insulation standards for buildings and the implementation of government programmes to encourage insulation use will spur product sales in many countries," the report concludes.

In the UK, the government currently offers financial help through schemes such as the Warm Front grant to help encourage individuals to insulate their home.