• Bath Panel Kit

    Marmox Bath Panels are easy to fit surround panels for baths. Easily cut the panels to the correct length and adjust the height using the feet supplied. The Panels are completely waterproof and ready to be tiled once fitted. Included in a Marmox Bath Panel kit is the following... 1 x 60... more >
  • Curved Board

       Save time and effort with flexible Marmox Curved Boards Marmox Curved Boards can be used to clad, waterproof and insulate archways and curved walls and also to create curved partition walls, curved bathroom panels, moulded tiled seats, round or curled cubicles etc. Boards are curved ... more >
  • Heraklith Insulation

    Heraklith Insulation

    Heraklith boards are breathable thermal and acoustic insulation panels.  Heraklith is the original Woodwool panel having invented the product over 100 years ago.  Boards with specific Sound Absorption, Thermal Insulation and Fire Protection properties can be designed.  This is achieve... more >
  • Multiboard

    The original Marmox Board Marmox Multiboard is ideal for many applications. In addition to being a lightweight tile backer board, it is used for waterproofing, dry-lining and to provide thermal insulation.   As a tile backer board, they provide an effective decoupling layer to preven... more >
  • Pipe Boxing

       The solution to hide unsightly pipework Specially designed to enable easy,  fast and clean boxing-in of exposed pipe work. The Marmox pipe Boxings are completely waterproof so they are suitable for shower and wet rooms. How to use Make sure your boxing is the correct leng... more >
  • Showerlay

         The easiest wetroom system on the market! The Showerlay is a low-cost, easy-to-install waterproof base, used in the design of a wet room. There is no other wetroom tray on the market that is as easy to install as the Showerlay. Made to fit with the Marmox Dallmer drain s... more >
  • Showerlay Linear

         Introducing Marmox Showerlay Linear Homeowners will know the importance of being able to drain the shower properly, but it can be difficult making sure the cubicle is cleared well of any excess water. With Marmox Showerlay Linear, you will be able to make use of an effect... more >
  • Showerstone

         Lay direct to floor joists and finish off with vinyl or tiles, even very small mosaics. The Showerstone is a solid shower base that can be laid directly onto floor joists without any further support needed and is strong enough to support a load of 600kg. The Showersto... more >
  • Sound Reduction

    Types of Soundproofing There are three types of sound which can be reduced. Reflected Sound, Impact Sound and Airborne Sound.  These are shown on the following diagram:     •BLUE : Reflected Sound – Sound bounces off surfaces to become distorted .... different frequencie... more >
  • Thermoblock

    A load bearing thermal insulation block which eliminates the cold bridge at the wall/floor junction. Marmox Thermoblock is a highly insulating, load-bearing building block that replaces the bottom course of blocks or bricks in a wall to eliminate or significantly reduce the thermal bridge at the wa... more >

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