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London's Leading Wet Room Design Company

Providing help with wet room designs for a wide selection of customers, such as architects and builders, across London.

Often when installing a wet room in a customer's home, it might be different without a plan in place beforehand and will lead to a lot of costly revisions as you work. Wet room designs are extremely important, giving you peace of mind as you begin a project that your customer has agreed upon it and knows you will be working to set parameters. As suppliers of wet room bathroom products, Marmox knows how key designs are and we will happily work with you to make these a reality. You will be able to discuss your project with one of our team members and they will guide you through the best products to use for your design, or visa versa.

To find out more about how we will help you transform your wet room designs, then call us today on 01634 835290 to speak to a friendly and helpful member of our team that will guide you through the best products to buy for your latest project. Or, send us a message through our contact form and we will be on hand to offer you impartial, unbiased advice on how best to transform your customers' bathrooms.

High quality wet room designs upgrade the service you provide

Working out the best wet room design for you customer is a real challenge; finding out what they would like, then trying to fit that around a design is difficult to say the least. If you are stuck for ideas, or if you want to find out which products will work best in your customer's wet room then speak to the experts at Marmox. We will be able to guide you through the very best wet room bathroom products that you will be able to use to wow your clients, with waterproof sealants and a wide range of applications.

Let us help with your wet room design in London

Based in Chatham, we are perfectly placed to offer wet room designs and products for a wide range of architects, builders and plumbers in London and across the whole of the UK. Our products and wet room design service is available to customers across the country, as well as locally, so we will always be more than happy to talk through your projects with you and find the perfect solutions to your problems.

If you would like to learn more about our wet room designs, or would like to discuss your latest project with one of our experienced team members then call today on 01634 835290, or visit our contact page to send us a message.