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Skegness MP welcomes funding for keeping residents warm

An MP for Boston and Skegness has welcomed a recent round of funding for Lincolnshire that is looking to offer thermal insulation to vulnerable consumers.

Conservative party member Mark Simmonds announced the government is providing the county with more than £243,000 to advise residents on how to keep warm this winter, improve public awareness of cold weather and equip volunteers with training on fuel poverty, the East Lindsey Target reports.

The cash injection comes from the Warm Homes Healthy People initiative, which asked local authorities nationwide to bid against each other for money from the Department of Health.

Mr Simmonds stated the move shows the prime minister is committing himself to supporting hard-pressed people around the UK.

He was quoted as saying: "Along with discounts to energy bills, boosting cold weather payments, protecting winter fuel payments and getting customers the lowest tariffs, this action shows how serious Conservatives in government are about helping people with the cost of coping with the cold."

In addition, the MP encouraged homeowners across the country to get in contact with the Home Heat Helpline, which is free and dedicated to offering advice to low-income households that could result in support worth an average of £160.

According to the Conservative, many people are unaware of the assistance they are eligible for and anyone in Boston and Skegness who is concerned about their fuel bills should seek help from the service.

The assistance on offer include grants or loans for loft and cavity wall insulation and heating upgrades such as new boilers.

Mr Simmonds also urged individuals to also look out for any neighbours, friends or family members who may be in need of the Home Heat Helpline's support.

TV presenter Fiona Phillips is another influential figure to have championed the scheme and she recently encouraged people to contact the organisation as soon as possible.

Figures from the cause revealed that over ten per cent of British households are able to receive thermal insulation, but most families are unaware of this.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins