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UK householders 'have increased their energy-efficiency'

Energy-conscious homeowners in the UK have made more of an effort to improve the thermal insulation of their homes.

This is according to a new survey from, which found that in the past five years 31 per cent of 2,000 British families have bought energy-efficient appliances and 61 per cent now use power-saving light bulbs.

In addition, 33 per cent have updated their loft insulation and 19 per cent now receive the benefits of cavity wall insulation.

Mark Greening, head of home services at the price comparison website, said recent increases in gas and electricity prices have pushed householders to find new ways to manage bills and lower their energy consumption.

Three of the Bix Six energy suppliers - British Gas, Scottish Power and SSE - have recently announced electricity price hikes of between six and nine per cent.

According to Mr Greening, draught-proofing doors and windows and fitting insulation "are among the lower cost options which over a short period of time can have a big impact on the amount of fuel used".

Only 19 per cent of the homeowners surveyed admitted they had not taken any energy-efficient measures to improve thermal insulation in their properties.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins