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SMEs could make big savings on energy efficiency

UK SMEs could save billions of pounds every year, just by using energy more efficiently. A report published last month by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) found that British SMEs could save between £1.26 billion and £2.63 billion every year by improving... More >

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UK councils becoming more efficient

Budgets are tight for local authorities across the UK, and it's easy to see why many councils are looking for ways to cut costs. While energy efficiency might require up-front investment, in the long run, it can lead to significant savings for a council, as well as a reduction in fuel poverty.... More >

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The Landlord's Energy Saving Allowance

In the last few months, there has been a lot of talk about the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) - and with the next round of grants expected to be announced any day now, it's the perfect time for landlords to start thinking about ways to make their property portfolio greener. Of... More >

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Scottish government invests additional £20 million in energy efficiency

The Scottish government has promised an extra £20 million toward projects to improve the energy efficiency of homes. Last week, social justice secretary Alex Neil confirmed that the funds had been earmarked to support projects that aim to reduce the number of cold homes in Scotland and... More >

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Improve a property's energy efficiency with solid wall insulation

New legislation to be introduced in 2016 will allow tenants in private rented accommodation to demand energy efficiency retrofits, and in 2018, it will become illegal to rent out a property with a low energy rating.  With so many changes on the horizon, landlords should consider getting... More >

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Next government must end "scandal" of winter deaths

More than 80 businesses, charities and unions have come together to urge politicians to put an end to the winter deaths "scandal". In a letter to the Sunday Telegraph, chief executives from organisations like Age UK, the Federation of Master Builders, B&Q,... More >

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Energy efficiency scheme launched in Enfield

A new project aiming to improve energy efficiency in homes has been launched in Enfield. The Smart Homes scheme is part of the Enfield 2020 Action Plan and offers grants of up to 75 per cent towards the cost of installing solid wall insulation - up to £6,000. Grants are being offered on... More >

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GDHIF vouchers extended to March 31st

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced that vouchers from the first release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) will be extended to March 31st 2015.  It is hoped that the extension will allow more time for millions of pounds worth of installations to... More >

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Financial penalties could be used to fund energy-saving measures

Late last year, energy watchdog Ofgem proposed a set of financial penalties that would be issued to energy companies that failed to meet the targets set out in the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP). The recommended fines - which would be imposed on firms including Drax,... More >

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Solid wall insulation still required in many British homes

Despite ongoing efforts to promote the importance of insulation and how it can reduce energy usage and fuel bills, most British homes with solid walls still need to be insulated. This is according to a report recently released by the Department of Energy and Climage Change (DECC), which... More >

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Landlords must be proactive about maintenance and energy efficiency

The private rented sector is facing a host of legislative changes and landlords need to be more proactive about the maintenance of their properties if they want to protect their investments.  Speaking to the Derby Telegraph, Neil Woodhead explained that while keeping ahead of the law... More >

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Wilmslow Town Council to fund energy savings surveys

Wilmslow Town Council has awarded Transition Wilmslow a £2,000 grant, enabling the organisation to carry out energy saving surveys for local residents. Transition Wilmslow was established to provide a community-led response to the pressures of climate change, fossil fuel depletion... More >

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Eco-centre to open in Pencader

A 150-year-old school in a Welsh village has had a modern makeover - and the result is a technologically advanced eco-centre that serves as a showcase of energy-saving options. Located in Pencader, the school had been left derelict since closing in 1994 and it required a... More >

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Energy efficiency especially important for cafes and restaurants

All businesses use energy - from computer systems in offices through to manufacturing plant in factories. But it turns that commercial kitchens are among the most inefficient commercial spaces, according to a new study from the US Environmental Protection Agency. What's more, the UK's... More >

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14 new energy-efficient homes to be constructed in Hellesdon

A project to build 14 new homes in Hellesdon has been announced by Broadland Growth Ltd. Not only will the housing serve as excellent examples of energy efficiency, they will also help to drive money back into local public services. This is the first development... More >

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Black Country council homes to get £50m revamp

The next stage of a £50m improvement project for 6,000 council homes in the Black Country is underway, giving the homes a much-needed revamp in terms of appearance and energy efficiency. Work has already been carried out in Oldbury, Rowley Regis, Tipton and West Bromwich to fit... More >

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Project announced to improve thermal insulation in Kent

A four-year project has been announced by the Mears Group to deliver energy efficiency and renewable energy measures for the Kent and Medway Sustainable Energy Partnership. The framework, which is expected to cost £15-25 million, is expected to reduce energy usage across the region... More >

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A million working households in fuel poverty

Fuel poverty can be a problem for households, even when at least one member is in work, according to Policy Exchange. The thinktank carried out a study that looked at more than 2.3 million households in England in fuel poverty. They found that half of them - approximately 1.1 million - had... More >

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Eco scheme underway in Wales to improve hundreds of homes

A £3 million eco scheme to improve the energy efficiency of 200 homes in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales is underway.  Residents of the town's Keir Hardie estate are expected to see their energy bills drop as a result of increased investment in insulation and draught proofing, Wales Online... More >

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Charities call for dual action to tackle energy inefficient homes

Three charity groups have called on the government to take action to ensure properties up and down the country are as energy efficient as possible.  The call came​ in​ a joint statement issued by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the the Existing... More >

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Britons using 10% less energy

People in the UK aren't using as much energy as they used to, despite the economy continuing to grow. This is according to a new study released by the government, which says the average person consumes ten per cent less electricity than they did five years ago, BBC News reports. The news might... More >

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Over 100,000 Scottish homes benefit from energy efficiency schemes

Nearly a quarter of a billion pounds will be saved on domestic heating bills in Scotland as a direct result of governmental investment made in energy efficiency in the last year. Recent figures released by Holyrood show over 100,000 measures were introduced in homes across the country during... More >

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Southampton named most efficient local authority

Council staff in Southampton have been given a pat on the back after the local authority was recognised as being the best in the country at making an effort to improve energy efficiency levels. The honour was made official following publication of the results of the Local Authority Energy... More >

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Top 5 hassle-free ways to keep your home warm

January has never been known for its warm weather, and this year is certainly not proving to be the exception to this rule. With the temperature regularly dropping below zero, it's around this time of year that we all rely on our heating to stay comfortable in our homes. However, even the best... More >

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Preventing new year energy bill hikes

As 2014 comes to a close, many will reflect on the previous year with a sense of nostalgia - while also looking to the future with optimism. For many energy customers, however, 2015 could bring a steep increase in the cost of heating. Several fixed-rate tariffs are due to expire before the end of... More >

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Energy-efficient buildings could improve occupants' health

There's no doubt that energy-saving measures can help the environment and reduce the cost of heating a building - but new evidence suggests that they could also help improve the health of occupants. Boiler on Prescription, a pilot project in Sunderland, has released its initial figures and... More >

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Landlords must prepare for EPC changes

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) may currently seem like a bit of a hassle for landlords - since a property cannot be let without one. However, while these documents simply provide useful information right now, in just a few years they could also prevent a property from being rented out at... More >

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New tool from NEF makes it easy to understand energy use

There are many reasons that businesses, building managers and landlords should be concerned about a building's energy efficiency - such as saving money, meeting government legislation and combating climate change. For many firms, evaluating energy performance has become an unavoidable... More >

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Constructing zero-carbon buildings requires a 'holistic' approach

According to the EU energy performance of building directive, all new public buildings must be constructed with a near zero-energy consumption target by the end of 2018. All new buildings must meet this standard by 2020.   While this is an admirable aim, achieving it requires some careful... More >

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UK's 40 largest shopping centres consume more than £40 million in energy

The retail sector is typically inefficient when it comes to energy consumption and official figures show the 40 largest shopping centres in the UK consume more than £40 million in energy per annum.   Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important, as government legislation is... More >

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