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NIA welcomes insulation funding move from the Scottish government

News that the Scottish government has set aside almost £50 million in funding to help people in the country improve the energy efficient of their homes has been warmly welcomed by the National Insulation Association (NIA). The funding is provided via the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for... More >

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Insulation can reduce bills by 35 per cent says housing trust

A housing association in the West Midlands believes it can helps its tenants to reduce their energy bills by as much as 35 per cent. The Wrekin Housing Trust is undertaking a project which will see around 90 of its homes in Dawley, Wellington and Church Aston fitted with insulation and... More >

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Insulation can increase your home's value

Improving the energy efficiency, including fitting cavity wall and loft insulation can increase your home's value by between 14 and 38 per cent, according to a study from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The body looked at more than 300,000 sales between 1995 and 2011 and... More >

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Eight out of ten social landlords recognise need for energy efficiency

More than eight in ten social landlords admit they could make their properties more energy efficient. The Housing Energy Index (nHEI) from npower found that 71 per cent think they could make some minor improvements for their tenants, while 15 per cent say there are a lot of projects which... More >

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Fracking will lead to lower bills, says Centrica

Centrica, the parent company of British Gas, says its investment in the controversial shale gas extraction method fracking will lead to lower energy bills. The firm has inked a deal with exploration company Cuadrilla and purchased a 25 per cent state in the Bowland shale licence in... More >

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Cost is putting people off making their homes more efficient

One in five pensioners are so worried about the cost of energy that they have to think twice before doing even the most simple of tasks, such as boiling a kettle. This is according to joint research from the Rexel Foundation and Opinion Way. The study also revealed that 90 per... More >

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Comic found inside insulation sells for huge sum

Last month we told you how a man in the US had a nice surprise when he found a rare comic book featuring the first appearance of Superman while fitting wall insulation into his home. Well, this week his smile has gotten even wider as the comic has sold for an incredible $175,000 (approx.... More >

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Seven in ten favour smart meters

More than seven in ten homeowners would be happy to have a smart meter fitted so that they can keep better track of their energy usage. This is according to the Energy Saving Trust, whose survey of 2,000 people found 73 per cent of favour of the devices. Smart meters work by collecting information... More >

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Green Deal garners less than 200 signatures

Less than 200 homeowners have signed up to the government's Green Deal initiative since its launch earlier this year. A study conducted by the BBC found that nearly 19,000 homes have been assessed for the scheme, but just a handful have agreed to take out the loans on offer. The Green Deal was... More >

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10,000 homes to receive insulation in Plymouth

Thousands of families living in Plymouth are set to enjoy lower heating bills after the city's largest social housing provider agreed a £50 million deal with British Gas. Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) will install insulation into around 10,000 properties over the course of the next eight... More >

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Misunderstandings prevent people from getting the best energy deal

Misunderstandings and myths are preventing UK households from switching to better priced energy tariffs, the trade association Energy UK has found. Some 79 per cent of those which responded to the body's survey said they were keen to change to a better deal, but many misunderstood what the... More >

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Boris Johnson launches energy efficiency scheme for London schools

In effect, the initiative is an extension of the RE:FIT efficiency programme current offered to London homeowners. It will provide school head teachers and governors technical advice and energy audits for free while also giving them access to interest free pay-as-you-save loans from Salix... More >

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Age UK supports insulation scheme

The charity Age UK has joined forces with the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme (NISEP) to offer cavity wall and loft insulation to older people in the country for free. The scheme is open to single people with a pension or income of less than £18,000 a year or couples living... More >

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UK has EU's highest rate of energy inflation

Energy inflation is higher in the UK than any other country in the European Union (EU), according to a new report. Research from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that energy bills have risen by an average of 2.2 per cent in the UK during the past 12... More >

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£1.6m insulation project progressing well

Work to install insulation at more than 100 homes in Watford has gotten underway this month. The £1.6 million project is part of a joint operation run by Watford Borough Council, Three Rivers District Council, Watford Community Housing Trust and National Energy Action. Dorothy Thornhill,... More >

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Electricity-only customers to see bills rise by £228 by 2020

People who heat their homes using electricity could see their bills rise by as much as £228 a year by 2020, the watchdog Consumer Futures has said. It is estimated within seven years, 11 per cent of UK households will be powered solely by electricity. However, while these will pay for 19 per... More >

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Cotswold residents could get free insulation

People living in the Cotswold could be able to have insulation fitting in their homes for free thanks a new grant being made available. The Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard reports that Cotswold District Council has launched a joint scheme with Warm and Well that offers local... More >

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Lack of internet access excludes older people from cheaper energy

Thousands of British pensioners are struggling with energy bills because the cost of energy has far outstripped growth in their incomes. New figures released from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that the country's oldest people are being hit with annual fuel poverty gap... More >

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Goole homes could receive free insulation

Hundreds of homes in Goole, East Yorkshire could receive free or heavily discounted cavity wall and loft insulation thanks to a new scheme produced to make the region greener. Known as Poet's Corner, the £1 million project is being operated by Solatec and has already insulated 20 houses... More >

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Richest pensioners would lose fuel subsidy under a labour government

Pensioners deemed to be wealthy would lose their winter fuel payment subsidy if Labour gets back into power. Shadow chancellor Ed Balls said this week that his party feels that 600,000 pensioners receive the money when they do not need it. "When our NHS and social care system is... More >

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Simplified energy tariff proposal is misleading, claims Which?

Proposals to make finding the cheapest energy deal easier could just lead to consumers being more confused than before, consumer champion Which? has stated. The body has looked into Ofgem's tariff comparison rate (TCR) and found that in seven out of ten cases (70 per... More >

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Research unveils regional energy price differences

Energy customers in the north of Scotland have seen the largest increase in their bills in the past year. This is according to new research from price comparison website which also found that those in the south of Scotland have seen the smallest price rises. Those living in the... More >

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Insulation included in community hall repairs

An historic community hall in Tottenham, North London is set to be revamped with a new roof and high quality insulation. The £59,000 project begins this week on the Mitchley Road Halls and will see the building's energy performance and heating bills drastically improved. A number of... More >

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Householders need to be educated on insulation

Homeowners need to be given more education on the benefits of cavity wall and loft insulation, it has been claimed. Peter Haddock of the website today wrote that the reason why insulation figures have fallen so sharply this year is because people do not understand... More >

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Renewables could save families £1,600 says Greenpeace

A complete reliance on renewable energy sources would save the average British family £1,600, Greenpeace has claimed. The environmental charity believes the UK must switch from burning fossil fuels to sources such as wind and solar power in order to stop consumers being hit with... More >

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Insulation is 'single most effective way of slashing bills'

Fitting insulation has been listed amongst's top ten tips for saving money. The website, which lists home values and sales details, says that insulation is "perhaps the single most effective way of slashing energy bills" with families able to save between £... More >

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Government under pressure as insulation figures fall

The number of people installing insulation in their homes has fallen, according to new figures. Research from the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) found that little more than 1,000 people fitted insulation in April 2013. This compares to a mammoth 40,000 in the same month last... More >

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Man makes incredible find when fitting new insulation

A man in a small town in the US had a nice surprise when he came to fitting new insulation into his house. David Gonzales found that the walls of his property were filled with old comic books. This would normally annoy most people, but he discovered that one of them was Action Comics No.... More >

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Welsh homeowners cutting back on energy usage

Households in Wales have made the biggest cutbacks in energy usage due the high cost of bills, it has been revealed. Government data obtained by WalesOnline showed that three of the top five areas to reduce gas and electricity consumption between 2010 and 2011 are in the Principality. Meter reading... More >

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First Utility customers to see price hike

Consumers on First Utility's iSave v12 tariff are being warned that they are likely to see their bills rise by as much as £200 a year. According to price comparison website uSwitch, the energy provider is set to move all these customers onto a more expensive tariff from June 1st. It will... More >

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