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Council offers home efficiency advice for free

North Lincolnshire Council is offering local residents the opportunity to have an energy assessment in their homes for free. The service, which is being provided in conjunction with Changes Agents UK, will see a trained energy adviser visit properties and give advice on how people can reduce their... More >

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Start planning for winter now, says NIA

It may be almost summer, but the National Insulation Association (NIA) is urging householders to start planning ahead for winter. The body says that the warmer months are the perfect time to fit insulation and fight rising energy costs. A recent survey from the Department of Energy and Climate... More >

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CCC calls on greater government investment in renewable energy

More investment in renewable energy will help UK consumers to save billions of pounds on energy costs, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has stated. The body believes that the government must commit to injecting money in greener energy sources as a reliance on fossil fuels will hit households ha... More >

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Euro firms pressure EU on energy efficiency targets

A number of large European companies have joined forces to put pressure on European Union (EU) leaders resistant to ambitious energy efficiency plans. The firms, which include Siemens, Unilever and Alstom, have issued an open letter to the EU which states that increased energy-saving... More >

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Government could boost coffers by increasing VAT on energy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has advised the UK government to consider increasing the amount of VAT charged on energy bills in order raise its taxation revenues. Currently the VAT charged on fuel bills is five per cent, much lower than the standard 20 per cent applied to... More >

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Energy bills could soon be higher than mortgage repayments

British consumers could soon spend more on their energy bills than they do on their mortgage, it has been claimed. Ian McCaig, chief executive of energy supplier First Utility, believes the cost of investing in green energy methods such as wind farms will soon make fuel prices so high that they... More >

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MPs disappointed Ofgem is unable to force energy firms into being more transparent

Ofgem has been criticised by a number of MPs for its inability to make energy suppliers reveal their profits. With thousands of British families struggling to keep pace with the rising cost of gas and electricity, suppliers are coming under pressure to be more transparent. However, regulator... More >

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Landlords need to consider insulation or run the risk of being fined

Residential landlords should fit proper insulation into their properties or run the risk of legal action and hefty fines. This is according to Emma Goode of lawyers Shoosmiths Access Legal. In a recent blog post she pointed out that from April 2018, landlords will no longer be able to let out... More >

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Ofgem investigates energy companies over missed targets

Six energy suppliers are set to be investigated by Ofgem because they have failed to meet targets for installing loft and cavity wall insulation set out by the government. According to the regulator, the firms have met 99 per cent of their energy efficiency requirements, but investigations must be... More >

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Some families just £99 from financial ruin

Many British households are just £99 away from financial disaster, new research from the Halifax has revealed. Almost half (46 per cent) of those surveyed by the financial institution said that amount would tip them over the edge. More worryingly, 13 per cent said they would struggle if their... More >

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Energy bills to rise by ten per cent later this year

Energy bills will rise by around ten per cent before the end of this year, one expert has predicted. Mark Todd, founder of market analysts, believes the big six energy suppliers will once again use the cold of winter as an excuse to drive up their profit margins. Speaking to... More >

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Energy reforms will lead to some people paying more

Long called for reforms to the UK's energy market could lead to some consumers paying more for their gas and electricity, the coalition government has admitted this week. Industry regulator Ofgem has created a new government strategy with the aim of making the market fairer and more... More >

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Councillor delighted with success of free insulation scheme

A councillor in West Yorkshire has express his delight after a free insulation scheme was launched in his region. Barry Anderson, a councillor in the Adel and Wharfedale ward, told the Ilkley Gazette that the region now has one of the highest insulation take-up rates in the whole of the Leeds... More >

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Energy bills now consumers' biggest worry

The cost of energy is now the average UK consumer's biggest financial concern, according to a new survey. Research from the Nielsen Global Survey of Consumers Confidence and Spending Intentions found that 31 per cent of Brits consider the price of gas and electricity as one their two biggest... More >

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Scottish commercial landlords urged to look at efficiency measures

Landlords of commercial properties in Scotland are being encouraged to improve their energy efficiency of their buildings ahead of new laws due to be introduced next year. Rules which would force owners of large buildings to make them more efficient before leasing them out are currently being... More >

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32,000 energy customers to see tariff hike in June

More than 32,000 households will see their energy bills rise next month as First Utility changes its tariff pricing structure. The hike, which could be has high as 18.6 per cent in some cases, will impact all customers on the firms iSave V12 variable tariff from June 1st. First Utility has said... More >

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GMB calls on bodies to ensure ECO funding is properly allocated

The trade union GMB has said it will do all it can to ensure that British Gas and Leeds City Council do not waste energy efficiency funding on bureaucracy. The two bodies have been given £25 million as part of the government's Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. ECO has been launched... More >

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ECO scheme could cost consumers more than they can save

When the government launched its Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme in January, it promised customers lower bills, but one energy company executive is saying the programme will fact lead to people paying more. ECO was created to force the big six energy companies to improve the efficiency of... More >

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People turning away from complex energy efficiency schemes

Many older and disabled people are turning away from government-backed energy efficiency schemes because they find them too complex or fear getting into debt, it has been claimed. A focus group set up by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) looked into the perceptions of people who... More >

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House builders in warning over insulation regulations

A collection of organisations representing builders in Scotland has written to the Scottish government to warn they will be economically disadvantaged if new rules on insulation and energy standards are introduced. According to the letter - which is penned by representatives from the home building,... More >

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Vulnerable people 'are being put off insulation schemes'

Vulnerable groups such as the elderly and disabled are not taking advantage of the energy-saving measures available through government schemes because of concerns over the cost and complexity of doing so. That is according to unpublished research commissioned by the government and reported in the... More >

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Ed Davey promises action over insulation target failures

Energy regulator Ofgem will take "any necessary enforcement action" against the six energy companies that did not meet insulation targets, Ed Davey has announced.  The energy and climate change minister said he was "disappointed" with the fact the firms did not meet their... More >

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Energy firms 'failed customers by not providing insulation'

UK energy watchdog Ofgem has launched an investigation into six energy firms after they failed to provide vulnerable consumers with energy-saving products such as loft and cavity wall insulation. The organisation today (May 1st) stated that providers have met 99 per cent of the energy efficiency... More >

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'Show homes' to receive free insulation

A number of households in Bicester are to have free insulation installed in return for displaying the energy efficiency upgrades to visitors at open-house events.  Eight local firms will install the energy-saving measures at 14 properties in the area as part of the Bicester Green Deal scheme,... More >

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Deputy PM accuses Tories of 'abandoning green policies'

Ahead of the local elections to be held in local authorities across the country this week, Liberal Democrat leader and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has accused the Conservative party of turning its back on energy efficiency. In an article posted on the Liberal Democrat Voice website yesterday... More >

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Insulation "protects against energy bill increases"

Consumers can help mitigate the effects of rising energy bills by installing efficiency measures such as loft and cavity wall insulation. This is according to the National Insulation Association (NIA), which offered the advice yesterday (April 29th) following the news that energy supplier First... More >

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Middlesbrough insulation scheme extended

A scheme offering free insulation to homeowners in Middlesbrough has been extended. Additional funding has been provided by Middlesbrough Council to allow installers to provide free thermal insulation to all privately-owned properties, the Darlington and Stockton Times reports. Unlike some local... More >

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Chancellor's infrastructure plans 'will see household bills rise'

The House of Commons spending watchdog today (April 29th) announced that household bills may increase significantly to finance George Osborne's ambitions infrastructure plans. Energy bills are one of the key areas where rises are expected as the Public Accounts Committee warned the private... More >

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Councillor celebrates success of free insulation scheme

A councillor for the Yorkshire borough of Wharfedale has revealed his delight at the success of a scheme offering free thermal insulation to residents in the region. According to latest figures, the ward is one of the key successes of the Wrap Up Leeds initiative, which is open to households across... More >

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Insulation 'could save council millions'

The installation of thermal insulation at 14 public properties could save Enfield Council around £240,000, according to plans unveiled on Tuesday (April 23rd). If the proposals are approved, work will begin this summer to improve energy efficiency at Enfield Civic Centre, Millfield Arts... More >

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