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Energy efficiency scheme for construction sector 'would stimulate economic growth'

David Cameron should increase investment into green construction methods and fulfill his electoral promise to produce the "greenest [government] yet". That is the view of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), which is calling on the prime minister to launch a scheme similar... More >

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Households 'could save hundreds of pounds' with solid wall insulation

Three-fifths of the heat in homes could be escaping through walls and roofs because they do not have an adequate level of insulation. This figure has been highlighted by Neil Marshall, chief executive of the National Insulation Association (NIA), who encouraged homeowners to take advantage of the... More >

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Green Deal offers "golden opportunity" to install thermal insulation

One of the UK's most well-known construction companies has urged homeowners to take advantage of the Green Deal initiative and improve the thermal insulation qualities of their properties. Carillion described the scheme as a "golden opportunity" for people across the UK to make steps... More >

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Landlords urged to improve thermal insulation

Landlords have been urged to check the level of thermal insulation in their properties ahead of forthcoming regulation on energy efficiency ratings in rental houses. After the implementation of new legislation at the beginning of 2013, property owners are now legally obliged to provide the Energy... More >

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Compare insulation with neighbours to lower bills, think tank suggests

Households would improve their energy efficiency measures if they were able to compare bills with their neighbours. That is the conclusion of a report by the Policy Exchange think tank, entitled Smarter, Greener, Cheaper. According to the research, there is evidence to suggest homeowners would cut... More >

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Four-fifths of people unaware of govt funding for insulation

A YouGov poll has discovered four-fifths of Britons are not aware of the government's new energy efficiency scheme, which offers loans for homeowners to install solid wall insulation. The Green Deal initiative launches on Monday (January 28th) and is designed to help reduce household energy... More >

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Heating insulation 'could end fuel-poverty'

More than 100 energy firms, private companies, unions and charities have formed a campaign group urging the prime minister to increase investment in energy-saving measures such as loft and wall insulation. The alliance says there are currently six million families in Britain that are considered to... More >

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Energy efficiency 'can prevent triple-dip recession'

The government is being called upon to invest in energy efficiency to stave off a triple-dip recession. Latest figures released by the Treasury show Britain's leading economists are predicting further economic contraction and Will Straw, editor of the Going for Growth journal, believes the... More >

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Energy efficiency scheme deadline is tomorrow

Homeowners who could be entitled to a grant of up to £3,500 from the government to make their property more energy efficient must apply before the initiative ends tomorrow (January 19th). Under the terms of the Warm Front Scheme, households are entitled to the funding to help make... More >

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Hull City Council receives £277,500 for energy efficiency

Hull City Council has been awarded more than £277,000 by the Green Deal Pioneer Places Funding Scheme to help local homeowners pay for property upgrades such as thermal insulation. The body received the cash injection as part of a £46 million cash pot raised by the Department of Energy... More >

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Elderly Devon residents to receive energy efficiency aid

A service helping elderly and vulnerable consumers install energy-efficient upgrades such as thermal insulation in their homes is being rolled out in Devon. The Staying Warm and Well scheme - which is being managed by Devon County Council and NHS Devon - is offering support to needy householders... More >

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Birmingham households become more energy-efficient

Homeowners in the Quinton and Bartley Green areas of Birmingham are reaping the benefits of £10,000 in funding that was earmarked to install energy-efficient measures like cavity wall insulation. Regeneration and housing specialist Keepmoat has provided hundreds of local properties with free... More >

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Reading residents urged to apply for Winter Watch scheme

Vulnerable consumers living in Reading have been reminded to find out if they could receive assistance this winter under the council's Winter Watch scheme. The initiative - which was launched last Thursday (January 10th) by councillor Bet Tickner - is able to provide elderly and needy residents... More >

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Cornwall council awarded £1.2 million for energy efficiency

Cornwall homeowners are due to receive energy-efficient upgrades such as thermal insulation following a successful bid for funding by local authorities. The county council's Green Cornwall Team - together with Community Energy Plus, the Eden Project, the NHS and Energyshare - has been awarded... More >

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Govt £125m Green Deal cashback scheme underway

The government's £125 million cashback scheme that will rack up savings for homeowners investing in the Green Deal is due to go live today (January 14th). Two weeks ahead of the flagship initiative's official launch on January 28th, early adopters of the aid could see some consumers... More >

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Govt relaxes planning rules for solid wall insulation

The government has relaxed planning rules to make it easier for householders and business owners to fit their properties with solid wall insulation. Climate change minister Greg Barker revealed yesterday (January 10th) that the Department of Energy and Climate Change has been in talks with the... More >

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Energy switch plans await approval in Nottinghamshire

Plans to roll out a collective energy switching scheme across Nottinghamshire are likely to knock money off the energy bills of hundreds of households. A project that is currently pending approval by Nottinghamshire County Council's policy committee could see the town hall negotiating cost... More >

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Merseyside schools competing to win thermal insulation

Nearly two dozen Merseyside schools are competing to win tens of thousands of pounds worth of energy efficiency equipment. The 23 institutions have one week to send in Eco-School tokens to the Liverpool Echo and all staff must hand the vouchers to a nominated colleague, who should then fix them to... More >

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Aberdeenshire residents to receive free wall insulation

Aberdeenshire homeowners are able to fit their properties with wall insulation for free thanks to a new scheme being rolled out across the county. The Scottish government's Universal Home Insulation Scheme (UHIS) is offering to provide the upgrades to consumers who are looking to make their... More >

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Thermal insulation 'could be rolled out' in Dundee

Residents of a Dundee neighbourhood could see their gas and electricity bills reduced following the launch of an £8 million project across the community. Dundee City Council's housing committee is going to be asked if it will support a joint venture between the Energy Company Obligation... More >

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Upfront fees for Green Deal 'could put consumers off'

Homeowners who are looking to install energy-efficient measures such as thermal insulation in their properties could be put off by the Green Deal's upfront fees. This is the opinion of several MPs and consumer groups after it was revealed in a survey conducted by the Guardian that out of the 24... More >

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British parents 'choosing between eating and warmth'

Almost one-quarter of mothers in the UK are having to choose between either feeding their children or paying for rising gas and electricity prices. This is according to a new survey conducted by the Energy Bill Revolution, which found 23 per cent of women are in this position, while eight in ten... More >

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Knauf Insulation helps Bristol thermal insulation scheme

Knauf Insulation has assisted a property renovation project currently underway in Bristol by supplying it with a selection of floor, loft and external wall insulation products. The initiative - which is being managed by Crisis Centre Ministries (CCM) and supported by Crash, the leading charity for... More >

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Marmox Green Deal

The Green Deal is available from February this year to make energy saving improvements to your home such as adding insulation or fitting an energy efficient boiler potentially without having to spend a penny. The cost of the improvements, which can be up to £6500, is loaned by a government... More >


North-east energy efficiency scheme to create 500 jobs

An energy efficiency scheme rolling out thermal insulation to homes in the north-east of the UK has announced it will create up to 500 jobs in the region. GoWarm Parkfield and GoWarm Gresham are hoping to save hundreds of homeowners across Middlesbrough and Stockton from slipping into fuel poverty... More >

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Poole leaseholders fear high energy costs after £7m revamp

Poole residents who saw their apartment block undergo a £7 million renovation are complaining about paying up to tens of thousands of pounds in contributions. Leaseholders of the 134 flats at Sterte Court received thermal insulation as part of an initiative organised by the Borough of Poole,... More >

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More families to struggle with energy bills in 2013

Many households with children will be unable to heat their homes as more than one in three adults fear they could struggle to pay for energy in the new year. This is according to new research conducted by charity 4Children, which revealed 35 per cent of homeowners share this concern, while they are... More >

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Underfloor heating installed in Bury St Edmunds sports facilities

Work is underway in Bury St Edmunds to improve sports facilities at a local school by fitting it with various green technologies. The £2.1 million project - which is targeting the sports hall at South Lee School and a community cricket pavilion for Bury St Edmunds Cricket Club - is to install... More >

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Thermal insulation jobs lost 'because of the Green Deal'

More than 800 jobs in the thermal insulation industry have been lost due to the impending rollout of the government's flagship energy efficiency scheme. This is according to the Insulation Industry Forum (IIF), which announced that the gap between the country's old insulation regime and the... More >

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Leeds City Council to roll out grants for thermal insulation

Leeds City Council is going to be offering local homeowners financial support to install energy-efficient improvements such as thermal insulation. The body - which is joining forces with YES Projects to roll out the help - is hoping the initiative will make properties warmer and cheaper to... More >

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