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VAT 'should be cut on wall insulation'

The government should cut VAT for all energy efficiency measures fitted under the Green Deal, which may include drywall insulation and underfloor heating insulation. This is according to, which has announced its support for the measure, echoing sentiments made in a joint statement by... More >

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NIA: Fit solid wall insulation now

Homeowners have been advised to fit loft and cavity wall insulation to their properties as soon as possible to lower their fuel bills. The National Insulation Alliance (NIA) issued the statement in response to increases in gas and electricity prices from all of the major power companies, which are... More >

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Under floor heating in Bristol council houses

Under floor heating and good levels of thermal insulation have resulted in a new social housing development in Bristol achieving level four of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Located in Lawrence Weston, the 12 domiciles were constructed with financial assistance from the Homes and Communities... More >

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Wall insulation 'may be popular landlord upgrade'

Landlords may soon be obliged to fit thermal insulation devices to their properties, it has been said. Residential Landlords Association policy director Richard Jones noted that it will become unlawful to let many buildings by 2018 at the very latest. This is because dwellings with Energy... More >

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Wall insulation offered to Bolton residents

A new scheme is underway in Bolton to provide homeowners with loft and wall insulation at free or subsidised rates. The local authority hopes this will result in greater uptake of these thermal insulation devices, enabling thousands of residents to reduce their fuel bills and stay warm this winter,... More >

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Under floor heating 'good in bathrooms'

Under floor heating is a good method of regulating the temperature of bathrooms, one expert has said. It is "warm and controllable" and works well alongside "good quality towel rails" that are spacious enough to hold many of these accessories, Sara Corker of Surrey-based firm... More >

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Thermal insulation 'simple to install'

Loft and wall insulation is far easier for homeowners to install than they realise, one expert has claimed. National Home Improvement Council director Andrew Leech noted that there are government schemes available to make this upgrade as simple as possible to add to a domicile. Grants are available... More >

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Thermal insulation scheme benefits Hampshire resident

A thermal insulation scheme operating in Hampshire has helped one resident improve the energy efficiency of her house. Kim Atkins took advantage of Insulate Hampshire when she moved in to a new property that required extensive renovation. Under the initiative, eligible homeowners can receive cavity... More >

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London 'worst for wall insulation'

Dry lining insulation or other thermal insulation devices should be fitted by more London homeowners, the National Insulation Association (NIA) has recommended. Figures from the government's Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (Cert) scheme indicated this region has the lowest rate for the... More >

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DECC releases thermal insulation statistics

Cavity wall insulation has been installed in 10.9 million abodes in Great Britain, or 58 per cent of all applicable houses, figures from the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have revealed. Furthermore, solid wall insulation has been fitted in 110,000 domiciles, which represents less... More >

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Thermal insulation provided to 300,000 homes in 3 months

Thermal insulation measures, such as wall insulation, were installed 300,000 times in British dwellings during the last three months, figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change have revealed. Fuel bills can be cut by as much as £100 every year through this upgrade, the... More >

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Wall insulation scheme in Manchester

Loft and cavity wall insulation is to be offered to residents of Greater Manchester as part of a scheme called Get Me Toasty. Thermal insulation devices are offered at heavily subsidised rates or for free as part of the project, which was paid for by every council in the county with support from... More >

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Thermal insulation 'should be fitted in summer'

Homeowners may wish to fit dry lining insulation and basement insulation to their properties now, even though the weather is still mild. Managing director of estate agents Harrison Murray Nick Salmon said people "don't want to think about winter just yet". However, thermal insulation... More >

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Youngster develops thermal insulation innovation

A youngster in the north-east town of Morpeth has designed a new kit to discover how much thermal insulation a property needs. Joshua Clarke from Shilbottle created a ruler with a blue and red house on either side to demonstrate the correct depth of loft or wall insulation. This was part of a... More >

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Thermal insulation 'helps people afford luxuries'

Wall insulation ought to be installed in every household and individuals that fail to do so because of the initial costs are operating under a false economy. This is according to National Home Improvement Council director Andrew Leech, who said thermal insulation in a loft is also a... More >

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Brits 'make excuses' not to fit wall insulation

Many British households cannot be bothered to fit loft or wall insulation, which wastes around £1 billion every year, research from energy company E.ON has indicated. One in ten homeowners has failed to have these thermal insulation devices fitted because it is too much effort. Other excuses... More >

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Wall insulation 'should be free across Scotland'

Wall insulation and similar thermal insulation devices should be free for all homeowners in Scotland, an environmental activist has said. Friends of the Earth Scotland chief executive Stan Blackley claimed this could help the country to achieve its greenhouse gas cutting targets, which are some of... More >

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Thermal insulation 'most essential upgrade'

Thermal insulation is "the most important thing" homeowners can fit if they wish to keep their house warm, one expert has said. Oil Firing Technical Association director general Jeremy Hawksley said lagging the loft, adding double glazing and using similar devices can "keep the heat... More >

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Extension for Tamworth thermal insulation scheme

A scheme to provide residents of Tamworth with free thermal insulation devices is to be extended until the end of October. Loft and cavity wall insulation can be fitted thanks to the local borough council's project, which enables members of the community to apply for these energy efficiency... More >

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Wall insulation reduces Marlow man's energy bills

Cavity wall insulation and heating insulation on a door are some of the sustainable innovations a Buckinghamshire homeowner has fitted to his property. The Bucks Free Press reports that John Laker, from Marlow, has also recently generated his 10,000th kilowatt of energy from his photovoltaic cells,... More >

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Brits 'do not know of green legislation'

British homeowners wish to install additions such as dry lining insulation and solid wall insulation to their properties but are unaware of how to do so, a poll has indicated. The survey, from consultancy Gemserv, found 65 per cent of respondents are unaware of the government's feed in tariff,... More >

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Research tradesman 'to avoid costly repairs'

Individuals considering hiring a labourer to install thermal insulation may want to take heed of one expert's advice and only use reputable professionals. Head of Sainsbury's Home Insurance Ben Tyte explained how it may be tempting to cut back on costs by employing someone cheaper, but the... More >

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Power NI recommends wall insulation as bills rise

Wall insulation and further energy efficiency measures were recommended by a Northern Ireland energy company as it revealed plans to increase its fuel prices. Power NI has announced that the cost of the utilities it supplies will grow by 18.6 per cent from October 1st, which will result in the... More >

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Eco-room added to Dobbies garden centre

Wall insulation is one of the energy efficiency measures a Peterborough gardening shop has added to its building. Dobbies Eco-Living Centre is a 1,500 sq ft premises that was built in collaboration with EDF energy to demonstrate long-term green solutions to the public, Horticulture Week reports. As... More >

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Social landlord to sponsor green awards

High levels of thermal insulation in Cross Key Homes' buildings and a strong sustainability ethos have resulted in the social landlord sponsoring the Peterborough Evening Telegraph's Business Awards 2011, in partnership with organisation Opportunity Peterborough. Since it was set up in... More >

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New caravans 'may have thermal insulation'

Thermal insulation is one of the many home comforts to be added to the next generation of caravans. This is according to a spokeswoman from the National Caravan Council (NCC), who noted newer models generally come out around late summer. "All the major touring caravan and motorhome... More >

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Welwyn Hatfield thermal insulation scheme extended

A scheme to provide loft and cavity wall insulation to homes across Welwyn Hatfield has been extended. The Herts Essex Energy Partnership (Heep) campaign enables private tenants and homeowners to receive heavily discounted thermal insulation devices, which are free to people aged over 70 or on... More >

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Housing provider announces energy efficiency trial

Greenfields Community Housing is trialling ten different energy-saving technologies - which may include wall insulation or under floor heating - to discover how to reduce its residents' fuel bills. This test will take 12 months to complete as organisers wish to discover the differences the... More >

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Draft proofing 'best thermal insulation measure'

Draft proofing is the most effective way of improving the energy efficiency of a property as it is a cheap way of bringing down energy bills. This is the view of Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, who noted blocking the small gaps found around doors and windows can... More >

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MP calls for wall insulation throughout constituency

An east Yorkshire MP has called on residents in his constituency to ensure their homes are adequately prepared for the winter months by installing wall insulation. Andrew Percy, MP for Brigg and Goole, said making properties more energy efficient will help minimise energy cost increases, the Goole... More >

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