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Top tips keeping your cellar dry

If you're looking for a way to add living space to an existing home, without a lot of added expense or the hassle of an extension, then one option might be to consider going down. Of course, not every home has a cellar, but for those that do, the basement is often a dark, damp and musty... More >

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The problem of damp homes

It probably comes as no surprise that cold, damp homes are a problem across Europe - but the extent of the problem might not be so obvious. Recently German institute Fraunhofer IBP published new research, which indicated that respiratory illnesses like asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary... More >


MPs: "Treasury failing to take environmental costs into account"

The Treasury has come under fire from MPs for failing to adequately consider long-term sustainability risks into its decisions. In particular, ministers are saying that carbon capture and storage (CCS) and zero-carbon homes policies could be detrimental to both the economy and investor... More >


One-third of working families struggle with fuel poverty

Fuel poverty is an on-going problem in this country, and it causes a variety of problems for the people dealing with it. Being unable to heat your home to an adequate level can lead to respiratory illnesses like asthma, heart problems and mental health issues. Research has shown that there are... More >

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What needs to be done to tackle fuel poverty?

The problem of cold homes is an ongoing issue in the UK, with millions of households across the country regularly having to make the difficult choice between eating and heating. While a variety of schemes and initiatives have been introduced, experts believe that even more needs to be done to... More >

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Retrofit projects need to be more targeted

With so much of the UK's existing housing stock being highly inefficient when it comes to energy use, there have been a number of schemes established in recent years to try to upgrade the homes. This has been seen as particularly important since an estimated 80 per cent of the current dwellings... More >

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Glasgow City Council announces £5 million plan for energy efficiency

Three affordable warmth and energy efficiency programmes in Glasgow are set to receive much-needed funds, local councillors have been told. More than £5 million will be allocated to the schemes. The announcement comes after Glasgow City Council's regeneration and the economy... More >

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The Water Market is Changing

The Water Market is Changing Get ready for lower prices and better customer service Everything you need to know about business water deregulation (and what it means for your business) What's happening to business water supplies in England? In April 2017, the water industry in... More >


A repair job fit for a Queen

When it comes to fitting insulation, fixing boilers, mending pipes and replacing old wiring, there are plumbers, electricians and other tradespersons carrying out such work every day. But one upcoming job will be rather different. A large home in London has not had its pipes, heating or electrical... More >

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Playing chicken pays off for innovative insulation firm

When it comes to start-ups, one might expect the country's university students to come up with some ideas that are novel, different, eco-friendly and perhaps a little bit wacky. All that may have been true of a number of entrants in the National Association of College and University... More >


Staying warm up north as Manchester builds high

There was a time when Britain was a fairly low-rise country. Not for us the towering skyscrapers of New Cap York or Chicago, those symbols of American brashness and limitless ambition. Instead, Britain was happier with an urban landscape where the tallest buildings were church spires and office... More >

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Housing partnership gets funding for insulation works

The Hebridean Housing Partnership (HHP) has received a sum of £340,000 to carry out insulation work on 68 homes in the Western Isles. It has been given the money from the Scottish government's Home Energy Efficiency Programmes Capital Acceleration Programme, which is designed to help... More >

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New leisure centre to be built in Altrincham

A major shake-up of the leisure facilities is being planned in the borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester, with a centrepiece being a £10 million leisure centre in Altrincham.  The move is among the options being considered as the local authority draws up plans to plough £24... More >

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Insulation 'has key role in keeping energy bills down'

Fitting more and better home insulation is a key way to keep winter fuel bills down, an expert has told householders. In an article written for the Daily Mail, operations management lecturer at the University of Sheffield Robert Marchand listed a number of steps that householders can take to keep... More >

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Global temperatures 'highest on record in 2016'

This year is on course to break the all-time record for the highest average annual global temperature, new research has said. A study of the weather for the first nine months of 2016 has convinced scientists at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) that this year's average will be higher... More >

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Dudley Council relaunches winter home heating scheme

Residents of Dudley are being offered advice and support on home insulation as part of a household heating programme launched by the local council. The winter warmth support scheme has been brought back by Dudley Council this week, after more than 800 local residents were able to improve their home... More >

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Scottish government to consider new recommendations for tackling fuel poverty

Scotland is to consider reviewing the current definition of fuel poverty as part of a series of recommendations drawn from new independent reviews of the issue. The Scottish Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group and Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force have published reports outlining more than... More >

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Scottish ministers urged to reset target to eliminate fuel poverty

The Scottish government has been called upon to reset its targets in a bit to eliminate fuel poverty across the nation. Groups including Citizens Advice Scotland, Energy Action Scotland, the Existing Homes Alliance and Shelter Scotland have endorsed the call and say the new policy should be... More >


Bristol encourages local solutions to energy challenges

Bristol City Council will be awarding 11 local groups a combined total of £58,132 to carry out local community energy projects through the Bristol Community Energy Fund. This initiative aims to encourage local solutions to community-specific energy challenges.  The projects were... More >

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Charities urge more action to prevent excess winter deaths

Campaigners in Scotland are demanding more action after a new report was published with alarming statistics. According to the annual Winter Mortality in Scotland report, 2,850 more people died in Scotland last winter when compared to the rest of the year's average. ​The report indicated... More >


Flats in Ayr to get facelifts and cheaper bills

More than 100 flats in central Ayr are set to get a major facelift - and, as well as improving the exterior look of the homes, the work should help to bring down the cost of heating for residents. South Ayrshire Council has announced that it will be launching a £900,000 project to transform... More >

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Top tips for slashing your annual fuel bill

As the cold winter months begin to settle in, boilers, electric heaters and other energy-hungry devices are being switched on to keep us warm. This means that our heating costs are set to skyrocket - and with the cost of fuel seemingly always on the rise, it's likely that your heating bill will... More >

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Citizens Advice says landlords are profiting from letting out freezing homes.

A new report from Citizens Advice has found that hundreds of thousands of tenants are living in cold, draughty homes and are faced with higher-than-average energy bills. According to the research, 750,000 people were living in 300,000 properties in England with the worst energy efficiency ratings.... More >

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New tenants move into efficient housing in Cellardyke

In Fife Council, 22 new energy efficient and affordable homes are nearing completion. These form the final phase of homes for rent at Silverdykes, a development comprising a combination of flats and houses. In total, there will be a total of 57 properties in the area built by Muir Homes. The houses... More >


Scottish conservationists warn of Brexit environmental threat

Following the historic referendum vote earlier this year, there has been a lot of uncertainty about what will happen in the future. The majority of discussions surrounding this uncertainty revolve around business and politics, as well as the value of the pound. However, there's plenty of Brexit... More >


What does Heathrow's third runway mean for noise in the area?

The debate over Heathrow's third runway has been going for years, but recently, the controversial bit of pavement was finally given the go-ahead, with the government insisting that it was the "best option" for the whole of Britain. It's estimated that the new runway will be... More >


Farmers and estate owners warned about new EPC rules

April 1st, 2018 might seem like a long way away, but for anyone who owns rental property, the next 18 months are likely to fly by. That's because new rules come into effect on that day, making it illegal to rent a residential property with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating lower... More >

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Top tips when insulating solid walls

Solid walls are a common feature in many older properties up and down the UK, with thousands of buildings having been built prior to the introduction of cavity walls as standard in all new developments. It means the energy efficiency of these properties can be far lower than their modern... More >

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Shape 'a crucial factor' in home energy efficiency

Ensuring future homes are as energy-efficient as possible is one of the biggest challenges facing both the government and developers across the UK at present. Ever-tightening requirements for carbon emissions and the need to ensure lower energy costs for households means home builders must address... More >

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Charities call for increased fuel poverty action in Scotland

Efforts to eradicate the ongoing issue of fuel poverty in many areas of Scotland need to be stepped up, according to a new coalition of charities and campaign groups. Last winter, figures published this month by the National Records of Scotland showed a significant increase in excess winter deaths... More >

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