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Marmox Wetroom

Wet Room Waterproofing Insulation

For anyone thinking about how to build a wet room in their home, installing the right waterproofing insulation is an essential part of the project that requires careful planning.

Wet rooms have become a popular choice for bathrooms - they are a striking and spacious option for any size room and the sense of openness that they provide ensures that occupants feel pampered and comfortable. Plus, wet rooms are easy to clean, making them an even more attractive option to homeowners.

At Marmox, we offer a selection of wet room waterproofing insulation systems and products, including custom shower bases and trays, insulation boards and pipe boxing. They are all designed for simple installation and excellent waterproofing performance.

The benefits of wet room waterproofing insulation

Wet room waterproof insulation offers an easy and reliable way of creating a gorgeous and luxurious bathroom in your home.

Systems are used to line wet room floors, walls and ceilings, providing a surface for affixing tiles, vinyl or other finishes, depending on the decor of the room.

Specialist features such as wet room linear drains and shower bases also help to ensure that moisture doesn't leak into other areas of the house, protecting the building structure.

Which wet room waterproofing insulation to get?

Marmox offers a variety of wet room tanking kit and waterproofing systems suitable for use in private homes, hotels and other locations. Some of our products are also suitable for use as loft insulation and with underfloor heating.

Marmox Multiboard is a wet room waterproofing insulation board that can be fixed to walls, floors and ceilings. It can simply be glued in place with a solvent-free adhesive or it can be fixed with our range of specialised washers and dowels. Flexible, curved boards are also available, as well as pipe boxing.

Showerlay is a wet room shower base that is installed at floor level, making it perfect for use by less-able people, as they won't have to step up to use the shower. Showerlay wet room waterproofing insulation is both low-cost and easy to install; it is pre-formed with a slope for easy draining and it can be used with a variety of finishing materials, including tiles as small as 50mm2.

Another wet room waterproofing insulation system is the Showerstone base. Manufactured from acrylic and modified concrete, it is easily installed onto floor joists and is suitable for use with finishes including mosaic tiles and vinyl. Additionally, if the size needs to be increased, separate extension pieces can be provided.

Get wet room waterproofing insulation from Marmox

If you're in need of wet room waterproofing insulation, look no further than Marmox. We have over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of building materials for the construction industry and our high-quality products have been used for both new and refurbishment projects across the UK.

At Marmox, we work hard to keep our products at the head of the industry. With continual innovation and market research, we make sure that our waterproofing products provide just what our customers need. Our Marmox Multiboard wet room waterproofing insulation is available through a network of expert stockists.

Our wet room waterproofing insulation systems are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and The Tile Association. They are also certified by the BBA (British Board of Agrement).

We take pride in our excellent customer support, so if you have any questions about our wet room waterproofing insulation - from technical specifications to installation requirements - please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable waterproofing products team will be happy to assist you.