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The UK's Leading Supplier of Wet Room Shower Trays

We provide wet room shower trays for tiled shower areas, for architects and builders across the UK.

When installing a new wet room for your customers, it is important to make sure they have every amenity they may need. Shower trays in bathrooms create areas for water to run away, meaning that the bottom of the shower will not fill up with nowhere for excess water to go. Wet room shower trays do exactly the same job, but are perfect for wet rooms where there is an open space instead of an enclosed shower. Our wet room shower trays are perfect for installing in homes or businesses that are having new wet rooms, or where you are refurbishing an existing bathroom or wet room.

To find out more about our wet room shower trays, or any of our waterproofing products, then call today on 01634 835290, or get in touch with us through our contact form to discuss your needs with a friendly and professional member of our team.

Wet room shower trays will transform your customers' bathrooms

Wet room shower trays are the perfect addition to any bathroom, allowing excess water to run off and not accumulate on the floor. Marmox has several instructional PDFs to help with the installation of all of our products, and our team will be able to supply you with instructions that will aid in the installation of wet room shower trays in bathrooms. Make sure you give all the necessary PDFs about our wet room shower trays a read through before buying or installing them in a customer's bathroom.

Giving your customers the option of a wet room shower tray is a string to add to your bow and may even increase the amount of work you receive through word of mouth. Coupled with our wet room shower kit, our wet room shower trays are easy to install and come with simple, step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the installations so you will be able to provide the very best products for your customers.

Use our wet room shower trays in your new build

Based in Chatham, we offer high quality wet room shower trays for a range of supply and installation businesses across the whole of the UK, including Kent, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, York, Portsmouth and Swansea. If you would like to learn more about our wet room shower trays, then call us today on 01634 835290, or send us a message through out contact page to let us know your requirements.