Marmox sound insulation solutions can help to transform your living space by reducing noise transmission and enhancing acoustic comfort. Say goodbye to noisy neighbours!

Living in a shared space, such as an apartment building or a multi-story complex, often comes with the challenge of dealing with noise from neighboring units.

Whether you own, rent, or lease a flat, the proximity of living quarters means that residents may find themselves literally living on top of each other. In such close quarters, noise from adjacent units can easily travel through floors, walls, and ceilings, leading to disturbances and discomfort for occupants.

Effective Solutions for Noisy Neighbours

Dealing with noisy neighbours can be a source of frustration and stress, whether you're the one experiencing the noise or receiving complaints about it. Constant disruptions to peace and quiet can impact daily life, affecting sleep, productivity, and overall well-being. Therefore, finding effective solutions to reduce noise transmission within shared spaces is essential for maintaining a harmonious living environment.

Products designed to minimize noise transmission through floors, walls, and ceilings play a crucial role in mitigating the impact of noisy neighbors. By installing sound insulation materials such as Marmox Soundboards or Fireboards, residents can significantly reduce the transfer of airborne and impact noise, creating a quieter and more comfortable living environment for everyone. These products act as barriers, absorbing and dampening sound vibrations, thereby minimizing disruptions and enhancing acoustic comfort within shared spaces. Ultimately, investing in noise reduction solutions not only improves quality of life for residents but also fosters a more peaceful and harmonious community living experience.

Marmox Soundboards offer impact sound insulation under tiled and wood/laminate floors. Not only do they help reduce footfall sound being heard in the living space directly below, exceeding local authority requirements, but also provide waterproofing, thermal insulation and decoupling properties to stop tiles from cracking due to movement.

Marmox Fireboards can be used on walls & ceilings to dramatically reduce airbourne sound by up to 26dB. They also have the added benefit of overing A1 fire protection and thermal insulation.

Years of Experience

At Marmox, we have 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing construction and sound proof insulation products, and because we know the UK industry so well, you can rest assured that what you buy from us is made of the highest quality materials.

Our soundboards, insulation and impact sound proof insulation products are multi-functional in that they also offer excellent thermal insulation, improving a home's energy efficiency and making a positive impact on heating bills.

In the long-term, installing the Marmox Soundboard can not only save residents the hassle of having to confront their neighbours about excessive noise, but also help them to make considerable reductions on their outgoings.