Marmox Multiboards provide a flat and stable surface for tiling inside swimming pools.

Multiboard is an ideal product to line swimming pools.

The reason for this is because they are completely waterproof and have sufficient strength to withstand the mass of the water. They also provide decoupling and thermal insulation properties.

Conventional Method

The traditional way of creating a tileable swimming pool requires a screed to be laid on top of the concrete shell.

However, using a layer of Marmox Multiboard eliminates this time-consuming stage and it guarantees a perfectly flat, tileable surface, inside or outside pools. 

  • Decoupling – Marmox boards absorb expansion and contraction in the concrete so stops movement cracks in the grout and tiles
  • Tileable Surface – Marmox boards offer a guaranteed flat surface designed for optimum adhesion
  • Waterproof - Marmox boards are completely stable in water so the bond between the tiles will not deteriorate
  • Water Impermeable – Marmox boards themselves will not allow any water to pass through them thereby protecting the concrete base
  • Thermal Insulation – Marmox boards are certified insulation panels so will increase heat-up times and reduce heating costs.

Multiboards are Unaffected by Swimming Pool Chemicals

Typical chemicals used in swimming pools have no negative impact on Marmox Multiboards.

Marmox Multiboards are BBA certified as tile backer boards with a compressive strength in excess of 40 tonnes per square metre. They comprise a core of waterproof high density polystyrene and skin of a frost-resistant polymer-concrete.


It is absolutely essential that Marmox Multiboards are bonded securely and permanently to the shell of the pool. Prior to fixing the Multiboards, be sure that the concrete is structurally sound with no loose areas, has no excessive pitting and is reasonably flat. The concrete must be repaired if there are any of these inconsistencies.