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  • Wet Rooms

    For anyone looking to install a wet room in their home, wet room waterproofing insulation is a vital part of the project. Wet rooms have become a popular choice for bathrooms - they are a striking and spacious option...

  • Sound Reduction

    The problem of excessive noise can be a bane for anyone associated with the ownership of a property. Whether you own, rent or lease a flat where tenants literally live on top of each other, it's likely the problem...

  • Reducing Thermal Bridging

    Professionals are being advised to 'block it out' when it comes to thermal bridging and ensure that UK homes are more energy-efficient. Failure to address this issue when it comes to constructing new properties means...

  • Plastering, Rendering & Insulation

    More than a third of all the heat loss in an un-insulated home is lost through the walls. Modern UK houses are usually built with cavity walls which can be insulated but most pre-war homes were built with solid walls which let the heat flood out.

  • Under floor Heating

    Underfloor heating insulation boards are an important aspect of any underfloor heating system. They provide a suitable foundation on which to lay cables or pipes and they help to ensure that a room retains its heat effectively.

  • Balconies and Terraces

    Marmox Multiboard and Sloping Board are low-profile, external grade tile backer boards ideally suited for tiling a balcony.

  • Tiling in Swimming Pools

    Marmox Multiboard is ideal to line swimming pools as it is completely waterproof, has sufficient strength to withstand the mass of the water and provides decoupling and thermal insulation properties.