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The Original Marmox Board

Marmox Multiboard is ideal for many UK applications. In addition to being a lightweight tile backer board option, it is used for waterproofing, dry-lining and to provide thermal insulation.

As a tile and shower backer board, it provides an effective decoupling membrane to prevent tiles and grout from cracking due to horizontal movement in the floor. The unique patented surface of Marmox Multiboard allows heavier tiles to be safely and securely fixed to walls. Being completely impermeable to water, it is doubly useful in areas prone to moisture, making it a good option for anyone looking for a kitchen or bathroom tile board.

Multiboard can be used to insulate and waterproof walls, floors and ceilings and noticeable benefits will be gained by using any thicknesses of 10mm and above. The thinner 4mm and 6mm boards are mainly designed as waterproof tile backer board options, but these will also provide some thermal insulation. Even the thinnest boards will be useful when used with underfloor heating wire to reduce your heating costs.

Marmox Multiboard is not just suitable as a tile backer board or insulation board beneath plaster within a building. Because Marmox Multiboard is certified for external use, it can be used as an external tile backer board and can also be used outside beneath a coating of render.

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Marmox UK partners with NBS to provide complete NBS Plus product listings to help specify our products into your next project. Click here to go to the RIBA website where you can copy the relevant NBS Clauses into your document.



Key 1 - Building Board
Key 2 - Curved Board
Key 3 - Pipe Boxing
Key 4 - Buidling Board
Key 5 - Floor Level Showers
Key 6 - Point & Linear Drains
Marmox for bathrooms and wet rooms
We supply our multiboards and tile backer boards to clients from across Kent, London and the rest of the UK, so contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our helpful and friendly team. 
NBS Specification (including BIM) - Internal Application

NBS Specification (including BIM) - External Application