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The Original Marmox Board

Marmox Multiboard is the tried and trusted construction material which merges water resistance, thermal insulation, and structural strength into a reliable, BBA certified board. Lightweight and easy to cut with minimal dust, it accommodates tiling, plastering, and rendering, both indoors and outdoors.


Waterproofing and tiling: As a tile and shower backer board, it provides an effective decoupling membrane to prevent tiles and grout from cracking due to horizontal movement in the floor. The unique patented surface of Marmox Multiboard allows heavier tiles to be safely and securely fixed to walls. Being completely impermeable to water, it is doubly useful in areas prone to moisture, making it a good option for anyone looking for a kitchen or bathroom tile board.

Insulation: The XPS foam core of Marmox Multiboards provides effective thermal insulation. These boards can be used to insulate walls, floors, and ceilings, reducing heat transfer and improving energy efficiency. They are particularly useful in areas that require enhanced insulation, such as basements, exterior walls, and cold storage rooms.

Underfloor heating systems: Marmox Multiboards are widely used with underfloor heating systems. They can be laid over the subfloor, providing both insulation and a stable surface for the heating elements. Multiboards help to distribute heat evenly across the floor, enhancing the efficiency of the heating system.

Replacement for plasterboard: Use Multiboards as a direct replacement for plasterboard. Marmox Multiboards have a robust honeycomb surface finish that is ideal for applying a coat of plaster. The surface allows for the plaster to stick to it while the XPS prevent the plaster from drying out too fast and cracking.

Partition walls: Marmox Multiboards can be used to construct lightweight partition walls. Their insulation properties contribute to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment by reducing heat loss and sound transmission. They are easy to cut, shape and install, which makes them a flexible option for creating interior divisions or blocking up door/window openings.

Exterior cladding: Multiboards are also certified to be used externally. Cover outer walls to improve a building’s energy efficiency. The reinforced fibreglass mesh ensures stability, and the Multiboards can be finished with a render to enhance their aesthetics and weather resistance.


Multiboard can be used to insulate and waterproof walls, floors and ceilings and noticeable benefits will be gained by using any thicknesses of 10mm and above. The thinner 4mm and 6mm boards are mainly designed as waterproof tile backer board options, but these will also provide some thermal insulation. Even the thinnest boards will be useful when used with underfloor heating wire to reduce your heating costs.


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Marmox UK partners with NBS to provide complete NBS Plus product listings to help specify our products into your next project. Click here to go to the RIBA website where you can copy the relevant NBS Clauses into your document.



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Key 2 - Curved Board
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Key 4 - Buidling Board
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Key 6 - Point & Linear Drains
Marmox for bathrooms and wet rooms
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NBS Specification (including BIM) - Internal Application

NBS Specification (including BIM) - External Application