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Curved Board

Save time and effort with flexible Marmox Curved Boards

Marmox Curved Boards can be used to clad, waterproof and insulate archways and curved walls and also to create curved partition walls, curved bathroom panels, moulded tiled seats, round or curled cubicles etc.

Marmox Curved Boards are made from the same high quality material which constitute a Multiboard. They therefore provide a stable decoupling surface along with thermal insulation and a barrier against the passage of water.

Boards are normally curved in themselves, closing the serrations (method 1) resulting in a continuous curved surface which is ready to be tiled on or plastered. An alternative method (method 2) is typically used to clad very tight curves or for making free-standing partitions. In this case, the boards are bent outwards, opening the gaps between the cuts and then those gaps are filled with adhesive to make it rigid.

Marmox supplies construction and refurbishment companies across Kent, London and the UK with bath panels, thermal insulation products and waterproofing products. If you would like to learn more about our insulation products then please call us today on 01634 835290, or get in touch through our contact form.

A choice of fixing methods

Method 1

Against a gentle curved solid surface, the boards are curved “inwards” to close the cuts, i.e. they are placed with the cut surface against the wall. The curved boards are then fixed to the wall with a continuous bed of flexible tile adhesive. Marmox Curved Boards can only be used this way if the radius of the curve is 200mm or greater.

With centres at 300mm, the Curved Board can also be fixed to a frame using screws and washers.

Method 2

If the curvature is of a radius less than 200mm, the board should be fitted with the serrated side on the outside. The “smooth” side is fixed to the surface using a cement-based tile adhesive and the openings which result on the cut side of the board should then be filled with cement-based tile adhesive. A layer of fibreglass mesh pressed into the wet tile adhesive surface to provide a homogenous surface which can then be tiled upon

To create a Partition Wall or a Curved Wall against or within a Frame

By filling the cuts with tile adhesive, Marmox Curve Boards can be made in to virtually free standing rigid structures. Without a solid surface behind the curved board, it is recommended that the boards be used with the serrated surface on the outside.

A rigid stable curved board can be created very simply either by making the board into the required shape and strengthening by filling the gaps with tile adhesive.

Alternatively, a temporary frame or mould or template can be made out of wood or Marmox to hold it in the desired shape whilst the board is “stiffened.”


Marmox Curved Boards are made from 20mm Marmox Board, 600mm x 1250mm. The cuts on our curved boards are across the width.