Heraklith Insulation

Heraklith Insulation

Heraklith boards are breathable thermal and acoustic insulation panels.  Heraklith is the original Woodwool panel having invented the product over 100 years ago.  Boards with specific Sound Absorption, Thermal Insulation and Fire Protection properties can be designed.  This is achieved by combining the Woodwool panel with Knauf Insulation's environmentally friendly mineral wool (Earthwool), PIR or polystyrene.

To see what products can be designed use the PRODUCT GENERATOR on our specific product site: www.heraklith.co.uk

The main component is shredded wood, or ‘wood wool’ which gives the product its distinctive appearance.  Previously magnesite was used to bind the wood wool but our latest generation uses cement.  Cement makes the boards weather resistant and sufficiently durable to be used externally.  Cement also and makes them suitable to be used as passive fire protection panels.


Breathable External Wall Insulation

Heraklith boards are breathable so can be used with a lime render to provide a durable weather resistant external insulation.  Breathability is vital to the health of the wall as it reduces the potential for interstitial condensation. Unlike some woodwool panels available, Heraklith boards are waterproof, freeze-proof and damp-proof.

The thermal conductivity of the standard panel is 0.08W/mK. For greater thermal insulation there are “combi” versions available with layers of rock mineral wool or polystyrene attached.


Sound Absorption Panels

Heraklith boards are commonly seen as sound insulation boards in schools, theatres, recording studios and sports halls all over the world.  They are perfect for lining walls and ceilings where sound is echoed where because of their cellular structure they absorb sound that would normally be reverberated. 

Sound absorption in schools is especially vital to the successful delivery of lessons.  It is a requirement under BB93, in a revision of Part E of the Building Regulations, that noise reverberation is kept within specified levels.   A 50mm Heraklith panels provides a weighted sound reduction (RW) of between 56 and 67dB.



Because they are made only PEFC certified wood, using Heraklith boards which are certified by Blue Angel and the Environmental Construction Products Organisation guarantee that you are using natural and sustainable product.  Heraklith wood wool products now have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), based on the Life Cycle Assessment.  This allowed us not only to quantify the benefit of using wood as a raw material and the impact of the binder, but also to make proper comparison between the environmental impact of product.


Fire Protection Panels

Heraklith wood wool panels act as a heat shield and protect the construction during fire. The standard panels have a Euroclass rating of B with up to 90 minutes fire resistance. Heraklith offers multilayer boards with limited combustibility or, which are non-combustible boards (A2 class). They do not melt or produce burning droplets, and are rated in the best class in terms of smoke.


Is Heraklith right for your project?

Heraklith panels are multifunctional boards with several uses.  In the UK the main uses are as acoustic and thermal insulation panels to reduce noise and with EWI as a breathable base board for lime and other breathable renders. In mainline Europe Heraklith is used for passive fire protection – especially in underground car parks, Hygroscopic humidity regulating panels and even as noise barriers at the side of motorways. 



Why use Heraklith instead of other Wood Wool boards?

 KNAUF INSULATION have invested millions in the new state of the art factory in Holland.  This has ensured that the quality of the Heraklith range is superior to its competitors and to the earlier versions that were available several years ago. Wood wool is naturally durable. It has the same service life as the building in which it is used and will require no special maintenance.

Heraklith is of course CE marked and conforms to European Standard for Wood Wool Insulation EN13168.


Marmox - the insulation experts

Here at Marmox, we are experts in providing sustainable and cost-effective building products to construction and refurbishment professionals around the UK and Ireland. 

As well as Heraklith boards for EWI and acoustic insulation, we offer Marmox Multiboard, Marmox Curved boards and Marmox pipe boxing for waterproofing and insulation in addition to our Thermoblock which eliminates thermal bridging at the wall floor junction. Shower base systems for wet rooms are also available.

Marmox products are available through a network of stockists located around the country. However, for Heraklith purchases please phone us direct using the number on this website.

For further information on Heraklith please click here to visit the website.



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Heraklith Insulation


Thermal insulation
Sound insulation
Weather Proof
Up to 90mins Fire proofing
Eco friendly
Easy to use
Multipurpose application
A truly natural product
Looks natural and attractive


EWI - external wall insulation
Acoustic Absorption panels
Breathable Insulation
Passive Fire Protection

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