The original Marmox Board

Marmox board, now known as the Marmox Multiboard is ideal for many applications. It's multipurpose use makes it ideal for waterproofing, insulating and drylining.

Multiboards can be used to insulate and waterproof walls, floors and ceilings and are available in many thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 60mm. 12.5mm, 20mm and 30mm are ideal for walls although thicker sizes can also be used. The thinner 4mm, 6mm and 10mm are ideal for covering floors before tiling. Especially usefull when used with underfloor heating wire to reduce your heating costs. The thicker the Multiboard the better the insulation.

Marmox Multiboards can be used all over the house as an insulation board and then simply tiled over or plaster finished. If using underneath carpet then a thin sheet of ply (10mm) or a fibre reinforced flooring compound should be used over the top before the carpet is laid down.

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