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Showerstone - Lay Direct To Floor Joists & Finish Off With Vinyl Or Tiles, Even Very Small Mosaics.

Showerstones are pre-sloped flooring panels with integral drainage used to create “level access” shower bases for either vinyl covered or tiled showers and wet-rooms. Showerstones are made of a combination of two non-compressible materials: a combination of robust polymer enhanced lightweight concrete with a tough epoxy-based surface coating. The surface has been engineered to provide optimum bonding with both tiles using a polymer enhanced cement-based tile adhesive (i.e. a flexible tile adhesive) or a vinyl flooring adhesive. The difference between the Showerlay and the Showerstone is that the Showerstone’s composition provides it with a high resistance to point loading which allows not only vinyl flooring but also smallest mosaic tiles.

The former slopes from 22mm at the outside edge to 10mm at the drain location and is designed to be compatible with the Marmox McAlpine drain which is supplied in two versions: the tile version or the vinyl flooring version.

The thickness of the former at the outside edge is 22mm so that it can neatly replace a section of timber flooring when lowered onto the joists. Also Showerstone is ideal to go on to a concrete floor where it can be incorporated into a screeded floor finish then tiled or vinyl coated.

Showerstone pipe being fitted

Showerstones are available in the following sizes:Showerstone sizes

  • 22mm thick therefore can replace an area of the floor boards by laying directly on joists (with some additional support)
  • Fully waterproof so no tanking system is required (provided the edges are sealed)
  • High drainage rate: 36litres/minute
  • Can be easily trimmed by up to 40mm on all sides to the size required
  • Can be used on concrete or timber floors
  • Non-compressible so can be covered with vinyl, tiles – even the smallest mosaics
  • Unique textured surface providing optimum bonding to both a flexible tile adhesive and a vinyl flooring adhesive
  • Not thermally insulating so can be used on top of underfloor heating without blocking the heat

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