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Showerstone - Lay Direct To Floor Joists & Finish Off With Vinyl Or Tiles, Even Very Small Mosaics.

The Showerstone is a solid shower base that can be laid directly onto floor joists without any further support needed and is strong enough to support a load of 600kg.

The Showerstone is made with a combination of polymer-concrete and GRP material which makes it almost unbreakable and robust enough to allow vinyl or mosaic tiles to be laid on it without the risk of compression through point loading.

The former, which slopes from an outside thickness of 22mm down to 5mm is designed to be compatible with the Marmox McAlpine drain which is supplied in two versions: the tile version or the vinyl flooring version.

As well as being able to be sit on timber joists the Showerstone is ideal to go on to a concrete floor where it can be incorporated into a screeded floor finish then tiled or vinyl coated.

Showerstone pipe being fittedFinishing the showerstone installation

Showerstones are available in the following sizes:Showerstone sizes

The Perimeter height is 22mm