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Ancient Roman under floor heating discovered

Roman-era under floor heating has been discovered by archaeologists excavating the ruins of a fort in Tebay, Westmorland.

It is believed this could have heated a bathhouse at the site, the Westmorland Gazette reports.

Further objects recovered from the structure, which may have controlled movement and trade between the nearby mountains, included ceramics and coins.

"We were absolutely delighted with what we found - the buildings were fascinating," Annie Hamilton-Gibney, from project managers ACTion with Communities in Cumbria, was quoted by the news source as saying.

She explained that the group has "lots of things to mull over", adding that she would love to return to the site in the future and continue work.

The Ancient Romans were a very technologically advanced people for their time and had also developed a form of cavity wall insulation, which was forgotten about for centuries, according to the Masonry Advisory Council.

However, this was not as effective as modern day thermal insulation technologies.

Posted by Simon Webster