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British Gas likely to hike prices by 8%

British Gas is set to hike its tariff costs up by eight per cent in the next few weeks, according to reports.

The energy giant, which has more 11 million customers, increased its prices by six per cent last November and recently announced profits of £356 million.

British Gas has refused to comment on its future pricing plans.

Price comparison website uSwitch says that it seems that the UK's big six energy providers are "caught in a stand-off" with each wanting to raise tariffs but none wanting to make the first move.

Ann Robinson, uSwitch's director of policy, said she is horrified by the suggestion that prices could be increased.

"I have not been convinced by the comments over the last few months by the energy companies that eco [environmental] costs are higher than expected," she stated.

"I would like the see the chapter and verse showing exactly why anyone thinks they can justify rises which will scare people to death."

Posted by Paul Taylor