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Top ways to make a property more environmentally friendly

With the cost of energy on the rise and an increasing number of strict government targets to meet in terms of sustainability and efficiency, the prospect of making a home, rental property or commercial building more energy efficient and sustainable isn't just a matter of personal choice -... More >

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Do cold homes cause more deaths than road traffic accidents and alcohol?

The extent of fuel poverty in the UK is something that's been hitting the headlines a lot lately - especially after a report from Age UK was released, which said there are as many as 31,000 "excess winter deaths" in England and Wales last year. Meanwhile, a campaign group called the... More >

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There's a "hidden army" to help identify cold homes risk

According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), professionals who work with vulnerable individuals should refer those at risk of fuel poverty to local authorities to ensure they get help heating their homes. While most analysis of this recommendation has been... More >

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Physiotherapists can identify people at risk of cold homes

According to recent research, thousands of people suffer preventable illnesses and death every year due to living in cold homes.  The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has produced guidelines, which indicate that people working with those at risk - such as health, social... More >

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Why should you get an ESOS energy audit?

From this year, companies that meet certain criteria - such as having more than 250 employees - are required to comply with the European Union's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). This mandatory energy assessment scheme is administered by the Environment Agency in the UK and must be... More >

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The home of the future could produce energy

When it comes to the current housing stock, the addition of efficiency measures like thermal insulation and double-glazing is meant to reduce the amount of energy the property uses - particularly in terms of keeping the home warm during the winter months. However, when it comes to newer homes,... More >

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Community hall near Ludlow gets £80,000 revamp

Refurbishment work has been completed on a 100-year-old community hall near Ludlow. The project, which cost more than £80,000, was paid for with money raised by the local community. The Veolia Environmental Trust also helped pay for the refurbishments. It awarded a grant... More >

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Straw houses in Bristol could be key to sustainable future

It might sound like something out of a children's storybook, but a set of straw houses have gone on the market in Bristol. Of course, the homes aren't anything like the ramshackle hut built by the three little pigs. These are modern, high-quality homes that use the thermal insulation... More >

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Cold homes causing more health problems in England than Sweden

The weather in the UK might be milder than in Sweden, but it looks as if more Brits are ending up in hospital because of the cold, despite our warmer climate. That's according to new research carried out by Friends of the Earth (FoE). It found that, over the past five years, the UK's... More >

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£3.5 million project to insulate homes in Worcestershire

Many homes in Worcestershire should be warmer next winter, as a new scheme is set to improve their energy efficiency and bring down fuel bills. Approximately 500 properties will benefit from the £3.5 million programme that's being delivered by British Gas and Rooftop... More >

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Homes in Greenock to receive energy efficiency upgrade

Plans have been unveiled to help improve the energy efficiency of homes in the Broomhill area of Greenock in Scotland. Scottish Gas has outlined the scheme, which will include new solid wall insulation, as well as a direct heating system. The energy company is carrying out the work as part of a... More >

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Eco-friendly showroom opens in Bedford

There are many ways to make a home more environmentally friendly. For example, you can take steps to improve efficiency by installing thermal wall insulation or you can opt for sustainable energy generation technology - like solar photovoltaic panels. Deciding on the right option for your... More >

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Insulation project benefits entire community

An entire community in Ceredigion is now reaping the benefits of thermal insulation, as a scheme to improve the efficiency of more than 100 properties, as well as a family centre, is nearing completion. The project in Llandysul has been hailed by some industry professionals as one of the... More >

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Green Deal Home Improvement Fund sees best week ever

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHF) has received criticism recently for not being used enough. In its first year, only 10,000 households signed up for the project. However, new figures show that the things are picking up for the scheme. According to the Green Deal Finance Company... More >

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Insulation is no laughing matter in Bristol

A stand-up comedian might not be the first person that springs to mind when it comes to energy policy and stopping climate change. But funny man Marcus Brigstocke has a lot to say about environmental issues - and it's not all for giggles. The comedian, who began his career while... More >

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A quick guide to environmental policies

As the general election on May 7th gets closer, voters across the UK are beginning to think more and more about the policies presented by each party, and which aligns most closely with their own views. Deciding which party to vote for can be tricky, and there are a lot of issues to consider - from... More >

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There really IS such a thing as a free lunch

Marmox will be presenting a CPD entitled: Part L – reducing thermal bridging at the wall-floor junction in buildings at the forthcoming South Yorkshire BuildingEx on the 13th May in Sheffield:  This is event is completely free to... More >


Robot in Camden helps insulate homes

As energy efficiency becomes more and more important, councils across the country have started looking for new and innovative ways to ensure all homes and commercial buildings have suitable thermal insulation and that they are using energy wisely. Camden Council, for instance, has become one... More >

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