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Scottish Warm Homes Act would tackle fuel poverty

Kezia Dugdale, the leader of the Scottish Labour Party, has promised action on fuel poverty if her party wins the Holyrood election in May.​ Ms Dugdale criticised the current Scottish government's "short-sighted decision" to cut funding for energy efficiency programmes by... More >

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Brexit could threaten UK's environmental policies

A group of high-level environment experts have warned environment secretary Liz Truss that leaving the European Union could threaten many of Britain's environmental policies - from building regulations to improve the thermal efficiency of homes, through to programmes to boost water... More >

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The benefits of investing in sustainable property

Investors have a lot to think about when choosing a new property for their portfolio. Issues like cost, functionality, build time and style can all have an impact on whether a potential investment will provide the returns they're seeking. In recent years, however, another element has... More >

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New Scottish campaign uses people power to tackle climate change

When it comes to reducing our environmental impact, there are a lot of things that can be done, ranging from installing thermal wall insulation to pushing for more sustainable energy production. Although a lot of these various measures depend on the government and businesses, there's... More >

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University of Reading announces library redevelopment

The University of Reading has announced a £40 million project to redevelop and refurbish the library at the Whiteknights campus, with work due to start in June. Originally opened in 1964 and then extended in 1985, the library building has already seen a significant level of work after... More >

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2,000 homes in Hull to get energy retrofit

Construction firm Willmott Dixon has signed a deal in to help improve energy efficiency in Hull. More than 2,000 homes in the city should see energy bills drop and living conditions go up, now that the firm has been appointed new energy partner. Work will include the installation of solid wall... More >

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Residents of static mobile homes receive free energy advice

While most talk of fuel poverty and energy efficiency focuses on traditional homes, there's another type of dwelling that should be part of the conversation too - static mobile homes. A new Ofgem trial is now underway to extend the government's Warm Home Discount initiative to low-income... More >

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Cutting carbon benefits entire communities

Projects like improving thermal wall insulation and upgrading boilers can make a big difference to individual households by making the properties more comfortable and cheaper to heat in the winter. But, it turns out that the results of becoming more environmentally friendly are much further... More >

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New push for UK to meet carbon targets

Secretary of state for energy and climate change Amber Rudd has denied that recent policy changes have undermined UK efforts to meet agreed carbon targets. However, she has acknowledged that new measures will need to be introduced if the country is to meet targets on renewable energy and carbon... More >

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Tenants say energy efficiency is a top priority

With high energy costs and concerns about climate change ever on the rise, more and more people are beginning to worry about issues such as energy efficiency and sustainability. So it's no surprise that tenants looking for a new home are beginning to pay attention to issues like the... More >

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New project aims to understand and improve building performance

With a significant portion of our energy consumption being attributed to buildings, changing the way the buildings are currently designed, constructed and operates is going to be an essential part of reaching CO2 targets. That's why the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) is launching a new... More >

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Trade body warns that health should be a priority over heating bills

Fuel poverty is a major problem for many people across the UK - and it's a particular issue in rural parts of the country where older people are living in poorly insulated homes.  Not only do these people suffer more in cold temperatures - but they are also more at risk from the health... More >

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Low-carbon workplaces provide long-term value

There's no doubt that sustainable buildings - with energy-saving measures like thermal wall insulation, high-quality glazing and low-energy lighting - can save money and carbon in the long term, and increasing numbers of investors are also realising that so-called "green real estate"... More >

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Zimbabwe eco-tourism turns to Scotland for inspiration

With their differences in climate and natural landscape, it might be difficult to think that Scotland and Zimbabwe would have much in common - but both countries realise the importance of having an eco-friendly tourism industry and Zimbabwe has turned to Scotland for inspiration and expertise. ... More >

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Housing association works to reduce its environmental impact

A housing association in Newent has started focussing on reducing its environmental impact.  Over the last six months, Two Rivers Housing has saved £4,000 and cut almost 15,000 kg of carbon through a project run by the University of Gloucestershire. The savings were achieved via a series... More >

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Brits are "increasingly concerned" about climate change

Despite being "increasingly concerned" about tackling climate change in the UK, it turns out that many Brits don't fully understand the sources of carbon emissions. That's according to a new poll from the WWF-UK, which found that more than one-third (37 per cent) of people belief... More >

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Winter deaths on the rise

The problem with excess winter deaths has been labelled a national scandal and campaigners will be disheartened to learn that it's a problem that may be getting worse, rather than better. According to recent research from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), an extra 4,400 people died in... More >

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