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Those getting buy-to-let mortgages should be aware of future efficiency legislation

For property investors, buy-to-let mortgages are a popular option, as they provide an affordable way to purchase a property that can then be let out. However, one expert is encouraging potential buyers to consider future legislation before making any final decisions, as it could lead to additional,... More >

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Should I install more wall insulation?

If you want to make your home warmer and more energy efficient, one of the best solutions is to ensure the property is properly insulated. But once your home has the minimum amount of insulation recommended, is it worth adding more? Types of insulation For most modern houses, cavity wall insulation... More >

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How thermal insulation can change lives

There are many benefits to ensuring that your home is energy efficient. For exmaple, it helps to keep you and your family warm in the winter, while reducing fuel bills and improving everyone's wellbeing.  But can making changes to improve the efficiency of your home - such as installing... More >

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Environmental groups call on future London mayor to make the capital more sustainable

Environmental groups have challenged London's mayoral candidates to turn the capital into a greener, healthier and more sustainable city. A number of well-known groups, including the National Trust, RSPB, WWF and Greenpeace, have drawn together a list of 20 policy suggestions that would improve... More >

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Tens of thousands of Cumbria residents have benefitted from energy efficiency schemes

A new report from the Association for the Conservation of Energy has highlighted the work that has been done in Penrith and the Border to improve the energy efficiency of homes in the region. The report indicates that tens of thousands of local residents have benefited from projects in recent years... More >

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Better energy efficiency policies required to move to low carbon economy

Policies to improve energy efficiency have not been developed enough for the UK to make a successful transition to a low carbon economy - that's the view of a professor from Cardiff University. Professor Phil Jones told Energy Live News that the existing buildings regulations and other... More >

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Could drones be used to install insulation in the future?

In recent years, 3D printing has become increasingly mainstream and the technology is being used in a growing number of applications - from medical devices to fashion accessories, automotive parts, toys and smartphone cases. And it seems that the construction industry may also soon be able to use... More >

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Series of events in east Lincolnshire educates informs residents about how to reduce risk of fuel poverty

A series of events in North-East Lincolnshire Council are being held to provide advice to residents about how to keep warm in the winter. The events will aim to spread the word about the benefits of energy efficiency improvements like the addition of thermal wall insulation, as well as educate... More >

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HSBC warns Brexit could be problematic for housing and sustainability

Banking giant HSBC has warned that a so-called "Brexit" - Britain leaving the EU - could have serious consequences for housing and sustainability. The bank has come out in support of the UK remaining in Europe and issued a note saying that severing ties with the continent could have a... More >

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Energy efficiency schemes for rented housing are "too complex" say experts

Tenants should be given clearer information up-front regarding a rented accommodation's energy efficiency and the cost of utility bills, before signing a tenancy agreement. They should also be provided with information about their right to change energy suppliers. That's according to a new... More >

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Scottish government responds to report on housing and wellbeing

The Scottish government has responded to a report from the Commission on Housing and Wellbeing, agreeing with its findings that housing is fundamental to the wellbeing, fairness and prosperity of the country.  An independent group was set up with the support of charity Shelter Scotland to... More >

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Legal and General announces plans for Europe's largest house factory in the UK

A leader in the financial services sector, Legal & General is known for its pensions and life insurance products - but the company has recently announced that it will be moving into the house-building market. The company is planning to build the largest home-building factory in Europe, and... More >

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A Right Royal Buzz

A Right Royal Buzz The surface of Marmox Multiboard is sometimes described as having a honeycomb pattern.  Last week saw the honeycomb patterned board being used as part of a seven foot high honeycomb. A partnership of the Royal Parks and the National Gallery developed a programme of... More >


Homeowners should be incentivised to install solid wall insulation, says expert

Chief construction adviser Peter Hansford has delivered a list of recommendations to restore credibility to solid wall insulation (SWI).  Mr Hansford, who was commissioned by the Green Construction board, has been working to better understand what can be done to increase demand for solid wall... More >

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Ely: Efficiency boost expected to save residents up to £460 a year

More than 120 residences in New Barns Avenue, Ely, have been fitted out with solid wall insulation to improve their energy efficiency and update their appearance. The properties, which are part of a Sanctuary Group-owned social housing development, were first fitted with external wall insulation... More >

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Funding boost for East Lothian housing modernisation programme

East Lothian Council has announced that more than £112 million will be invested in its housing modernisation programme over the next five years. The project aims to improve the living conditions for current residents, as well as increase the amount of affordable housing available in... More >

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Homes in Gosport get new insulation

Homes in Rowner are set to see their homes improved - and their energy bills lowered - thanks to a project to install external wall insulation on the properties. The work, which is being carried out by the Gosport Borough Council, in partnership with other agencies, is set to make a big... More >

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Commercial landlords risk being barred from letting their properties

In 2013, the government passed the Energy Act - a set of regulations and targets that was intended to attract investment and transform the energy market. As part of the Act, legislation was introduced that made it unlawful to rent out a business property that fails to meet the minimum... More >

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