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Costa plans additional zero-energy shops in the future

Costa may best be known for its hot drinks, but it seems the Whitbread-owned cafe chain is also working to enhance its environmental credentials, with the firm recently confirming plans to open four more "zero-energy" shops in the next year. The news comes following a pilot of the... More >

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Axed Green Deal scheme did not achieve desired results

The UK's 27 million homes are responsible for more than a quarter of the country's energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions - so bringing down their energy use is essential for tackling climate change, as well as dealing with issues like energy security and fuel poverty. So it came as a... More >

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Firms work to create template for efficient older homes

Older homes - particularly those with solid wall construction - tend to be extremely energy inefficient, making them expensive to heat and putting residents at a higher risk of fuel poverty. While there are plenty of measures that can be taken to update heritage properties, such as... More >

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Scottish Conservatives call for £1 billion to be spent on warmer homes

The Scottish Conservative party has launched its manifesto for Holyrood and has called for £1 billion to be spent over the next five years to ensure every home in Scotland is warm. The manifesto proposes that spending on energy efficiency should rise to ten per cent of the... More >

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Efficient homes in Wales could get council tax discount

Improving a home's energy efficiency - through measures like solid insulation, draught-proofing and installing double glazing - can help households save a lot of money on their annual fuel bills. However, under new plans launched by the Welsh Liberal Democrats, those installing energy... More >


Northern Ireland has worst record in the UK for fuel poverty

Northern Ireland is "bringing up the rear" on fuel poverty, according to Age Sector Platform. The charity, which aims to provide a strong unified voice for older people in Northern Ireland, said that fuel poverty had contributed 2,390 extra winter deaths over the lst four years. It... More >