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Council insulation plan causes aesthetics row

The need to make sure Britain's buildings are well insulated is well known; with both emissions levels and fuel poverty to consider, there is clearly an imperative for establishing the maximum possible levels of energy efficiency. For new buildings, that can be taken care of by adherence to... More >

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Report outlines huge insulation challenge

The UK has taken some steps to improve the amount of insulation in homes, but the country is still well behind where it needs to be if it is to meet its carbon emissions targets by 2050. A report delivered to Parliament by the Green Building Council (GBC) has noted that four out of every five homes... More >

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From Cold War to warm insulation: how an RAF base is being turned into a new village

The recent government housing white paper detailed a range of plans the government has come up with for increasing the number of new homes being built, all of which is good news for various parts of the construction sector. Indeed, those fitting cavity wall insulation, waterproofing cellars or showe... More >

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UK house building continues to rise

With modern energy performance legislation being what it is, new-build homes in Britain need to be well-insulated. That means any increase in the number being built is good news for the insulation industry, as each new home means a new insulation fitting job. Since the recession of 2008-09 and the... More >

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Council hails insulation plan for Camden homes near HS2

The leader of Camden Council has spoken of the local authority's pride in securing a number of concessions for residents affected by the building of the HS2 rail line. Speaking as the bill to build the first part of the high-speed link from London to Birmingham finally passed into law,... More >

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Refurbished university facility gets better insulation

Improved insulation is one of the features of an upgraded facility for students at the University of Birmingham. The University Centre's Avon Room and former Coffee Lounge has been undergoing a major revamp and the latest phase has seen the reopening of the study area with room for 190... More >

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Waterproofing potential for flood resilience shown in new house

A home has been designed with a number of special features designed to show how effective waterproofing can be in making a home resilient against flooding. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has built what it has described as a 'resilient house', a prototype designed to show how a... More >

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Install more insulation in buildings, public sector urged

The public sector can do more to combat climate change, reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency by fitting more insulation, according to managing director of programmes at the Carbon Trust Richard Rugg. Mr Rugg made this point in an article for Public Sector Executive, in which he pointed... More >

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Liverpool apartments boom set to keep wetroom workers busy

The growth of the UK construction sector may have had particular significance for companies carrying out waterproofing work in showers and wetrooms, because a lot of the focus has been on apartments. While the average semi-detached home has plenty of room for a bath, many apartments do not, meaning... More >


Listed building set for energy-efficient refurbishment

The use of excellent thermal insulation is a key factor behind the work to refurbish a Grade II-listed building achieving a BREEAM Very Good rating. Hanover House is a listed former warehouse in Manchester, which is to undergo a £34 million refit by Russell Construction, the building firm has... More >

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UK gets 'final warning' from EU over air pollution

Britain may be about to leave the EU, but that has not prevented the European Commission from issuing a "final warning" over air pollution. The UK was found to have breached legal limits on nitrogen oxide levels and was told it had two months to address the situation or face action at the... More >

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Big housing association gets EIB funding for major project

One of the largest housing associations in Britain has managed to secure funding from the European Investment Bank (EIB) for its latest development plans. Sovereign, the sixth largest housing association in the UK, has secured a £150 million facility for its plans, which will include building... More >

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Insulation makes new mansion 'far cheaper to run'

It may be imagined that those who can afford to buy a mansion will not worry too much about the cost of heating, but energy efficiency is a notable feature of one new home built in Northumberland. The newly-built property in the Tranwell Woods area of Morpeth is certainly not within the reach of... More >

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Churches recognised for eco-friendly measures

The challenge of being more eco-friendly is one that all kinds of organisations are striving to take on, whether they are commercial enterprises keen to build up their green credentials and save energy costs, or voluntary sector bodies with a particular concern for the environment. Increasingly,... More >

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London set for more tunnels as Bakerloo line extension plans revealed

The London Underground is the oldest system of its kind in the world, and it has been extended many times. The network began with shallow tunnels created by the cut-and-cover method, but as it has grown, deep tunnelling has enabled many more lines to be created, with one tunnel often overlying... More >

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Newcastle may be set for skyscraper revolution

Skyscrapers may be modern structures made with lots of steel and glass and seldom containing much brick, but good insulation is still necessary. Indeed, this will be particularly so for higher floors, where the outside temperature will be colder than near street level. For that reason, a possible... More >

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