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New £150m Warm Homes Fund announced

A new fund has been launched to help make households in Great Britain warmer. It has been established by National Grid and Affordable Warmth Solutions (AWS), a community interest company. The aim of the project is to help supplement traditional funding streams for fuel-poor households that do not... More >

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Newcastle skyscraper contracts awarded

Contracts have been awarded for a new development that will be the tallest building in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The 26-storey Rutherford Street project will take place in a part of the city centre formerly occupied by a derelict warehouse, with the tower featuring 162 apartments. It will be delivered... More >

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Manchester's 'vertical village' gets planning permission

Manchester's skyline has already seen some significant changes in recent years, but a whole plethora of skyscrapers are now on the way, with six more getting planning permission yesterday (July 27th).   These include a 40-storey apartment building on Albion Way, almost next door to the... More >


Former fire station to get new lease of life

The former London Road fire station in central Manchester is to get a long-awaited new lease of life after planning permission was granted for a mixed use project. Built in 1906, the fire station has undergone a few changes of use in its time, with parts of the building being used as an ambulance... More >

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Castle set for new refurbishment

When it comes to refurbishing a building, there is often plenty of work for insulation fitters and plumbers. Indeed, the installation of new waterproofing for showers, wet rooms and cellars can often be required to combat damp if a building has decayed or subsided.  There is a more obvious... More >

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Application submitted for major new housing development at Rochester Riverside

Planning permission is being sought for a major new housing development that will form the centrepiece of the development of the Rochester Riverside site.  Once part of the City of Rochester docks - Rochester actually lost its city status in an administrative error in 1998 that has never been... More >

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Manchester skyscraper scheme set for green light

Of all the plumbing and engineering challenges involved in constructing a new building, an oft-neglected one is the difficulty of getting water pressure to the necessary levels on the upper floors of a skyscraper. This is, of course, a task that can be accomplished by pumps to get the water up to a... More >

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New partnership paves way for major docklands apartment scheme

Like other parts of London's docklands, the Royal Docks in Silvertown have undergone considerable development in the last 30 years, but more is now on the way. An area that already includes London City Airport and the ExCel exhibition centre - also known as the London International Events... More >

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Contracts awarded for Palace of Westminster revamp

It has often been joked that the only man ever to enter the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes, but while he went in with a load of gunpowder intending to blow the place sky high, the building of today is in danger of falling down of its own accord. The dilapidated state of... More >

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Cladding firm wins contract for 42-storey building

Cladding has been in the news every day for the last couple of months, following the Grenfell Tower fire, and the situation may have persuaded the uninformed that this method of protecting and insulating a tall building is a dangerous or unwise one. However, the reality is that cladding is still... More >

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Old Stockport mill set for residential transformation

A former mill that has been blighted by vandals, squatters and free runners in the last few years is set to be transformed into a modern, 21st century apartment block.  Elisabeth Mill in the Reddish area of Stockport was built in 1874 and is a Grade II-listed building, but both it and the... More >

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Heathrow in major noise insulation offer to homes

The long-running debate on the airport capacity of the south-east has had many angles, not least the potential problems faced by those living in areas closest to Heathrow Airport. For many, however, this is already a big issue. In recognition of this, airport bosses have just offered extra noise... More >

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Haringey Council plans innovative housing development

Haringey Council is in the process of agreeing a new development plan with a private company to improve the area’s housing stock. It is expected the project will lead to 6,400 new homes in the area, as well as bringing additional facilities such as a new school, retail space, health centre... More >

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Charities call for fuel poverty action

Following figures recently released by the government, two charities have raised concerns about the level of fuel poverty in the UK. A report by National Energy Action (NEA) and Energy Action Scotland (EAS) estimates that around 9,600 elderly people are facing possible death this winter due to... More >

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Cornwall 'needs more insulation'

Fuel poverty has been a growing issue in recent years amid stagnating incomes and soaring energy prices, but the solution has often been found in greater home energy efficiency. While measures such as double glazing, newer and more modern boilers and micro-renewables can all play a part, good... More >

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Leeds mills set for transformation into apartments

Leeds may not have quite led the way in the building of new apartments across Britain, but it is certainly one of the busier cities in this sector of the housebuilding industry.   Like Manchester and London, many of Leeds’ new apartments are sleek steel and glass towers, with the... More >

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Major housing development set for Cambridge

A major new housing development is set to be built next to Cambridge Airport, the latest of several large projects around the fringes of the city.   Named Wing, the development will be delivered by housebuilder Hill, which signed a deal with Marshall Group, one of the biggest landowners in the... More >

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Former shipping offices transformed into a hotel

At any time, a number of buildings might be undergoing a significant transformation as they are given a makeover and transformed for a new use.    Whether it is a former factory or mill, warehouse or offices, many buildings with considerable history and heritage are being revamped and... More >

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