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Council unveils huge swimming complex plan

Derby City Council has unveiled plans for a £35 million swimming complex that will enable the city to host major regional competitions. The complex will include a ten-lane pool, a teaching pool and a water play area, supplemented by other facilities such as a cafe, a soft play area for... More >

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Getting old halls up to date

Life may be very different in many ways between big cities and small villages, but from the most massive metropolis to the humblest hamlet, there are key hubs for local communities that many rely on for their hobbies, clubs, events and youth activities.  However, many of the community halls... More >

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Manchester warehouse set for massive refurbishment

Few cities in Britain have undergone as much transformation in recent years as Manchester, particularly in the city centre. An area that had just a few hundred inhabitants as recently as the 1990s is now home to tens of thousands, with a plethora of apartment blocks and a whole string of massive... More >

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Swansea housing project proposed

There was a time, before the slightly byzantine reorganisation of local government in Wales, when Swansea was just a city. Now, however, the local authority is the City and County of Swansea, enabling the second-largest city in Wales to join Bristol and London in being both a county and city at the... More >

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Croydon joins Britain's super skyscraper race

Britain has seen some huge skyscrapers being built in recent years. The 1,016 ft Shard at London Bridge is the tallest of the lot, but many more high-rise buildings have been constructed across the capital and also in other cities.  Manchester, for example, set a new record for its tallest... More >


New council HQ scheme to include apartments

The new council headquarters for the District of Warwick will not just need offices to be furnished and insulated, but a lot of homes too.  Indeed, shower waterproofing insulators will have around 44 new homes to deal with as part of the project to replace the existing council building with... More >

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Major Birmingham mixed-use development gets green light

Mention Edgbaston to most people, and the first thing that comes to mind is the famous cricket ground. But to those who know Birmingham, there is much more to it than that. Edgbaston is in fact a large area covering an arc to the west and south of Birmingham city centre. It includes Birmingham... More >

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Developer to turn unfinished hotel into student accommodation

The development of new apartments in and around city centres across the UK has been a notable feature in many places in recent years. London and Manchester are perhaps the two most notable locations as numerous skyscrapers rise up, but cities like Leeds have also been hives of activity. Outside... More >

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Ipswich outlines housing policy

With the UK's population rising, the need to build new homes has been paramount, with central government targets for the country at large ultimately filtering down into local plans based on the needs of particular areas. These vary from places with rapid population growth, such as east... More >

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Cardiff 'on course to build 11,000 homes in five years'

There is no doubt that the next few years should see high demand for the services of insulation and waterproofing fitters - be it for showers or cellars - if the UK comes anywhere near meeting its annual housing targets. Having come into office in 2015 on a pledge to build a million new homes by... More >

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Meadowbank revamp work set to begin

A major project to redevelop the Meadowbank Stadium site in Edinburgh is moving closer, after the closure date for the site was confirmed. The stadium will shut on December 3rd, following the closure last month of the velodrome on the site. This will be followed by the start of work early next... More >

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Bournemouth set for major Winter Gardens revamp

Bournemouth is set for the most ambitious redevelopment project in the town's history as a partnership between the town council and a major construction firm has devised a £150 million scheme for the old Winter Gardens site. Built in 1875, the Winter Gardens was the main entertainment... More >

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Sustainable insulation market set for more massive growth

The fast-expanding market for sustainable insulation will continue to see "exponential growth" between now and 2025, a new report has said.  Persistence Market Research published a paper in the US highlighting the extensive growth of the sector around the world, its future... More >

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Manchester set for three new skyscrapers

Plans for a major new development of residential skyscrapers in Manchester has been unveiled, with a trio of buildings set to stand next to four huge skyscrapers that are already being built. De Trafford Estates is seeking to construct three tower blocks of 18, 26 and 32 storeys on top of a... More >

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Government urged to realise economic benefits of better insulation

Improved insulation and other energy-efficiency measures can make a major difference to the level of energy use in UK homes, a new paper has claimed.  The report by the UK Energy Research Centre and University of Sussex Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand has called on the government to... More >

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British towns 'needs to build more than one new home a day'

British towns and cities will need to build at least one home a day between now and 2039 to meet the projected increase in population, according to a new report.  A study titled Britain's Demographic Challenge by the think-tank Civitas has said Britain is on course to have see its... More >

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Birmingham nears Commonwealth dream

The work of fitting wet room waterproofing facilities is an important part of developing any new swimming, watersports or spa facility - and there may be plenty of contracts available in the Birmingham area soon. Having spent years preparing a bid to host the Commonwealth Games in 2026, the city is... More >

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Contractor appointed for new apartment block

The growth in Manchester's apartment market has been extraordinary in recent years. With the city having the highest growth rate in England outside London in the decade up to the 2011 census, the need for more housing has been obvious. With that has come a strong focus on the building of... More >

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Making the right choices over insulation

From landlords renovating an existing large property to self-builders constructing a modest little house all of their own, the benefits of good insulation are becoming increasingly well known. As well as keeping a home warm and ensuring energy bills can be kept down, well-insulated homes emit... More >

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Development partner selected for garden village project

A development partner has been chosen for a planned garden village of 5,000 homes at Uttlesford in Essex. Grosvenor Britain and Ireland has been selected by Great Chesterford District Council to push the project forward, with the property firm having previously worked on major new developments... More >

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Improve insulation in UK, WWF report tells government

The UK needs to take much firmer action to meet the emissions targets set out in the Paris climate accord and help ensure global temperature rises are kept below two per cent, a report has said. In its report titled Getting the house in order - Priorities for homes in the Clean Growth Plan, the... More >

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