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Energy bills pushed up by green taxes

A new report has claimed green taxes are adding extra money on to the energy bills paid by members of the public.

Research carried out by the Taxpayers' Alliance shows government subsidies for green energy sources like wind turbines are forcing up energy bills.

It was claimed by the body that these taxes will contribute to energy bills reaching nearly £1,900 in 2020 at current prices and over £2,920 by 2030.

The body cited data from Ofgem that estimates green taxes make up 11 per cent of a typical family gas bill at the present time, as well as 16 per cent of their electricity bill.

Chief executive of the Taxpayers' Alliance Matthew Sinclair said: "Politicians should be cutting energy taxes to ease that [energy bills] burden. Instead they are adding to them on an enormous scale to pay for fat subsidies that support expensive energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels."

This comes after First Utility, an independent energy supplier, claimed British households are paying an extra £1.3 billion a year on their bills because of a lack of competition.