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ESOS is 'good news' for business

Businesses should not look at government legislation designed to increase energy efficiency as another obstacle to overcome, but rather as a way to improve companies and cut costs.
That is according to Simon Clouston, head of sustainable energy at WSP, who has written an article on the subject in the Daily Record. He suggested the new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a positive programme that will ultimately benefit everyone.
Under the new laws, companies that have over 250 employees, annual turnover of approximately £40 million or a balance sheet of more than £34 million will have to carry out an audit of their energy use by December 2015.
Once this is complete, they are encouraged to put a plan in place that demonstrates they are undertaking the measures required to make their businesses more energy efficient.
The Department of Energy and Climate Change is responsible for ESOS and it estimates it will save businesses in the UK some £1.6 billion a year.
Mr Clouston is keen to point out that it will be fairly easy for businesses to meet the new requirements.
"This initiative is a relatively light standard and there’s plenty of flexibility on routes to compliance," he said.
He explained that, for instance, companies that have already undergone an audit that dates back as far as December 2011 can use that rather than undertake a new one.
What's more, any business that has implemented an energy management system that is ISO 50001 accredited can use this as evidence of energy efficiency.
Mr Clouston goes on to suggest that making simple changes, such as setting a thermostat so that heating or air conditioning comes on only at certain times, can save businesses large sums of money.
He goes on to make the point that most companies are looking at ways to cut their energy consumption, and therefore costs anyway, so forcing businesses to conduct an audit of their usage can only be a positive thing.

Posted by Simon Webster