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Heating insulation 'is vital'

Heating insulation is an effective way to make a home more energy efficient and significantly reduce bills, it has been claimed.

Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor at Build It magazine, explained how it is imperative people take steps to make their property and lifestyle more environmentally-friendly.

She said: "I can't stress enough the importance of a properly insulated home. You'll shave money off your heating bills and provide yourself with a more comfortable living environment."

Despite the initial expense of investing in thermal insulation, Ms DeSouza commented that ultimately, individuals will reap the rewards as they save hundreds of pounds.

Other suggestions to help save energy included replacing light bulbs with low voltage versions, avoiding using a tumble dryer and only boiling as much water as is needed in a kettle.

A recent report by stated that only 18 per cent of homeowners have taken steps to improve their wall insulation in the last three years.