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Heating insulation 'one of the benefits of a new property'

Energy-efficient technologies such as wall insulation could tempt buyers to consider new houses over older properties.

This is according to David Pretty, chairman of the New Homes Marketing Board, who explained his comments in an interview with the Mirfield Reporter.

He stated that often heating insulation and double glazing come as standard in recently built homes as they are designed to meet environmental standards.

"Clearly with energy prices as they are, this is a huge benefit to purchasers of new homes, having the potential to save hundreds of pounds a year," Mr Pretty added.

It was suggested that such features can help to lower household bills and reduce maintenance costs.

As a result, Mr Pretty urged people considering buying a property to take a look at show homes to see what benefits a brand-new build could offer.

Elsewhere, Adrian Lee recently noted in an article for the Daily Express that thermal insulation has the potential to save individuals up to a third on their energy bills.