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Housing provider announces energy efficiency trial

Greenfields Community Housing is trialling ten different energy-saving technologies - which may include wall insulation or under floor heating - to discover how to reduce its residents' fuel bills.

This test will take 12 months to complete as organisers wish to discover the differences the devices make across a variety of weather patterns and it will commence at the end of summer this year.

When it is finished, the firm will ascertain which sustainability measure is the most cost-effective and conserves the largest amount of energy before rolling it out to as many houses as possible.

It is also fitting abodes with photovoltaic cells in a separate trial, to begin in spring 2012.

"Our enthusiasm to go greener was proved by us being the first housing association last year to retrofit a property," Greenfields asset manager Lynn Thomas said.

The organisation has approximately 8,100 domiciles throughout the Braintree district, after taking over the local authority's homes in November 2007.

Posted by Helen Hughes