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Labour claims 50,000 households to go uninsulated

Plans to insulate more than 50,000 homes through 49 different schemes have been scrapped by the energy companies.

The government reached an agreement with the big six suppliers in December to reduce household bills by an average of £50.

But the Labour Party has revealed through the Freedom of Information Act that up to 20,000 jobs could be lost in the insulation industry due to this arrangement.

Homes that needed solid wall insulation were deemed the most difficult to treat and so have been targeted for cuts, with some properties costing around £10,000.

Caroline Flint MP, shadow energy and climate change secretary, said: "Thousands of households will be left in the cold because of the government’s dirty deal with the energy companies.

"The best way to cut people's energy bills is to invest in insulation."

Solid wall insulation schemes supported an estimated 28,000 jobs in 2012, but this could be reduced to just 8,000.

Posted by Helen Hughes