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Labour 'to protect small businesses'

Labour leader Ed Miliband is set to pledge to protect small businesses from energy companies treating them unfairly.

He will give a speech to the Federation of Small Businesses in Manchester, in which he will announce plans to set up a regulator that will help firms with high tariffs and back-dated bills.

Mr Miliband believes that small companies should be given the same protections that households have.

He will say: "We have to mend the broken energy market and freeze bills up to 2017 not just for customers of one company but for all customers of all the energy companies."

Medium-sized manufacturers are set to save £50,000 a year by 2018, the coalition claims, after George Osborne announced a freeze on the carbon floor tax.

A competition-enquiry into the energy sector, specifically the Big Six, was announced yesterday after questions were raised about prices and profits.

Posted by Helen Hughes