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Marmox aims to ‘stop’ thermal bridging at the root

Leading manufacturer Marmox UK Ltd, well known for Marmox insulated tile backer boards and wetroom solutions is now launching a new product to combat thermal bridging in the base of walls.

Designed to insulate where the wall meets the floor, Marmox Thermoblocks replace the bottom layer of bricks or blocks in a wall and offer strong support for the building. The Marmox Thermoblocks are BBA certified to have a minimum compressive strength of 6.5N/mm2 and a y value of between 0.032 and 0.072W/m.k.

‘There is no other thermal bridging product on the market that can compare with the high compressive strength of the Marmox Thermoblock, while still having such good thermal properties’ commented Marmox Technical Manager Mark Bowman.

Marmox Thermoblocks are being launched on October 1st 2010, with various sizes being available. They are all 600mm in length, 100mm or 140mm wide and 65mm or 80mm thick.            

For more information on Marmox Thermoblocks please phone 01634 862 277 or email for more information.