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Nottinghamshire site set for over 1,000 homes

More than 1,000 homes could be built on a site in Nottinghamshire if a newly-submitted planning proposal is accepted.

The scheme at Bingham in Rushcliffe, a few miles east of Nottingham, will involve 317 new homes. However, the masterplan for the site envisages extending this to 1,050. 

If agreed by the council, the development will be constructed to the west of Chapel Lane, providing plenty of local construction jobs and also work for insulation fitters and plumbers. 

The further project to add over 700 more homes is being facilitated by a deal that will see Barratt Homes buying a 225-acre plot from the Crown estate. This will fit in with the council's masterplan for the development of Bingham, which aims to bring more business and employment to the town.

As well as the 1,050 additional homes, the plan involves developing new shops, a primary school, plus space for allotments and parks. Outline planning permission for this scheme was granted in 2013, but only now has any developer come forward with concrete proposals. 

Barratt's initial 317-home scheme includes houses ranging from two to five bedrooms, with some bungalows and provision for affordable housing as well, providing the mix of homes the council is seeking.

The council is certainly keen on the project. A statement on the scheme said: "Things are going from strength to strength in this vibrant town with individual character, good facilities and easy access to beautiful countryside.

"People want to move to Bingham, they want to be part of this up-and-coming community."

It added: "This residential development supports the council’s recent acquisitions on Chapel Lane and Moorbridge Road, which will be developed as new employment sites and during development there will be opportunities for training local people in construction - through apprenticeships, traineeships and a variety of jobs."

However, as in any expanding settlement, not everyone is happy, with some concerned about the changing character of the town as it is enlarged and others worried about there being enough roads, shops and schools to serve a growing population. 

Speaking to the Nottingham post, local resident Sharon Messam said: "Bingham is growing so fast. Sooner or later there will be nothing left of our countryside and green fields." 

Another local, Jez Begent, questioned whether the town was prepared for such significant population growth. He remarked: "I think people appreciate the need for more housing but it must be accompanied by the appropriate investment in infrastructure."

The council is convinced that the town can grow sustainably and retain its best elements. Pointing to the fact that it was listed as the best place in England to raise a family by Family Investments in 2014, it believes many more people will be able to enjoy a high quality of life there in the years to come. 

Lying just south of the Trent, Bingham lies close to East Bridgford, one of two locations in the vicinity of Nottingham where A roads cross the river. Bingham also already has a by-pass and, crucially a direct rail link into the city. 

Nonetheless, the local authority has also stated that any developments beyond the 317 homes Barratt is seeking to build now would need to be the subject of a fresh application and examined in accordance with the local plan for the borough.