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Southampton named most efficient local authority

Council staff in Southampton have been given a pat on the back after the local authority was recognised as being the best in the country at making an effort to improve energy efficiency levels.

The honour was made official following publication of the results of the Local Authority Energy Efficiency Index, which was supported by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC). Councillors, along with officials and other interested parties were able to measure the work they did on reducing power consumption, comparing their progress against other locations.

It is hoped the tool will enable leaders to work together to overcome any potential barriers they face in improving the performance of domestic and commercial buildings under their ruling by seeing how their opposites tackle their own issues.

A total of 25 local authorities were involved in the Index, with the councils ranging in size and region to offer a wide perspective of how energy efficiency was approached.

UKGBC director of policy and communications John Alker said: "Councils are often at the frontline of delivering energy services, and tend to be trusted by residents and businesses. Many have done this extremely well, with very little resources."

He noted how the Index had the potential to make a significant difference to the future strategies of councils across the country by offering advice and insight, as well as highlighting best practices and common problems.

It was also suggested that central government could use the tool going forward to effectively deliver capital investment in energy efficiency across the built environment. 

Southampton achieved the overall top score after it was judged on energy efficiency in community and housing, energy infrastructure and energy management in its own buildings. 

Hull, Leeds, Peterborough and Coventry rounded off the top five, while Swindon was listed at the bottom of the performance league table.

Posted by Helen Hughes