Cavity wall insulation ‘not appropriate in steel-framed homes’

Individuals considering cavity wall insulation for their home may be interested in the advice of one expert.

Writing in response to a Daily Telegraph reader's query, Jeff Howell explained how certain types of buildings are not suitable for this form of lagging.

He described how the materials used to construct the property will have a bearing on what can be used.

People were warned that cavity wall insulation should not be fitted to homes that contain steel or wooden frames.

This is due to any condensation that forms potentially causing corrosion to the metal and rotting in the timber.

Mr Howell stated that it is important to take care when hiring free companies to carry out the work.

He said: "The problem with taxpayer-funded cavity wall insulation schemes is that the practitioners get paid for every house they insulate, even when this might result in damage to the structure."

The Energy Saving Trust advises people that homes with good brick work and masonry are most likely to be suitable for the lagging material.