Coleen and Wayne Rooney buy under floor heating for dogs

Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen have reportedly spent £10,000 on under floor heating for their dogs.

The couple have four pooches which live in a special doggy block at their £4.5 million home in Cheshire, the Sun reports.

Speaking to the news provider, a source claimed that although it was Coleen's idea to put the system in the dog kennels, Wayne agreed because he has a soft spot for the animals.

Many footballers living in the north-west of the UK already have under floor heating installed in their houses, they explained.

"Then there was a craze for installing it in their driveways to avoid snow in winter. Now Wayne has taken it one further," the insider added.

The couple have four dogs - two bichon frises, a chow and a French mastiff.

Wayne was in action yesterday (Sunday August 8th) as his team Manchester United beat Chelsea 3-1 in the Community Shield at Wembley.