What’s the best colour scheme for a wet room?

If you're doing up a bathroom, one of the best ways to make it feel spacious and luxurious is by making it a wet room. This style of bathroom has waterproofed floors and walls and no traditional shower enclosure. Instead, the whole room essentially becomes the shower.

Wet rooms are a popular choice in many modern homes and they are also an ideal choice for anyone with decreased mobility, as they don't need to worry about stepping in and out of a bath or over a shower tray in order to bathe.

The key to a successful wet room installation is flawless waterproofing and good drainage - and Marmox products like Multiboard and Showerlay can help to ensure the base of your wet room is free from leaks. But once you get the base of your wet room sorted, it's also time to think about how to decorate the space in order to achieve that spa-like atmosphere you've always dreamed of.

There's plenty to think of when it comes to the decor of a wet room - such as storage, lighting and the various fittings. The colour scheme is also important, since the colours you choose will play a major part in the ambience of the finished space.

So what colours should you choose for your new wet room? Well, that depends a lot on your personal preferences, but here are some ideas to consider:

  • Browns - Use a few different browns and cream colours to create a natural, earthy effect. This is a popular choice in many spas, as brown can be a soothing colour and you can always add subtle splashes of other shades - like teal or orange for a burst of brightness.
  • Blues - Water is often associated with the colour blue, and this hue can help to create a calming and restful environment.
  • Yellows and greens - These colours can add brightness and energy to a bathroom and could be a perfect choice for those who have trouble getting up in the morning.
  • Black and white - If you're looking for a minimalist and modern look, try the stark contrast of black and white. Again, small bursts of colour - maybe bright pink or red - can add a bit of character to the space.