Woodwool Panels in McDonalds

McDonald’s have recently specified wood-wool ceiling panels as part of a new modern and stylish design concept for its restaurants, created by leading French architect, Philippe Avanzi. McDonald’s has modernized its restaurant interiors step by step across Europe, using a choice of eight different designs.

The design concepts all rely on high quality materials in order to create a pleasant atmosphere and encourage customers to linger. Good acoustics are key to creating such an ambience, and the excellent the acoustic properties of wood-wool panels support the decision to include them as a specified product in some of the new designs. McDonald’s Europe worked with Philippe Avanzi to develop the eight new restaurant designs for different market locations as part of plans to ensure its interiors live up to the company’s new corporate philosophy.

Marmox UK is now the distributer for HERAKLITH Thermal and Acoustic insulation panels in the UK. These ecological and sustainable panels, owned by Knauf Insulation are used throughout mainland Europe, not just in McDonalds but as the environmentally friendly solution to reduce acoustic reverberation and also to provide Thermal Insulation in all spaces where reflected sound is a problem.