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Curved Board

Save time and effort with flexible Marmox Curved Boards

If you are searching for bathroom and wet room design ideas, Marmox Curved Boards can open up a range of exciting options. They be used to clad, waterproof and insulate archways and curved walls and also to create curved partition walls, curved bathroom panels, moulded tiled seats, round or curled cubicles etc.

Marmox Curved Boards are flexible boards designed to bend to the required curve ready for mosaic tiling. The boards are created to make curved designs more achievable in a fast and price competitive way. Marmox Curved Boards can be used both to clad and to create archways, curved walls and even curved bath panels ready for tiling.

Curved Boards are essentially 20mm thick Multiboards which have slits 2mm wide and 17mm deep removed from one side of the board at 20mm intervals. This allows them to be folded in on themselves to a create a radius as small as 200mm. When secured against a frame or a curved wall, they present a low porosity concrete curved surface which is pre-primed ready for either tiling or plastering.

Radii tighter than 200mm can also be created with Marmox Curved boards by folding the board in the opposite direction so that the “teeth” are opened. Please contact us on how to use this method.

How to use

Against a curved solid surface, the boards are curved “inwards” to close the cuts, i.e. they are placed with the cut surface against the wall. The curved boards are then fixed to the wall with a continuous bed of flexible tile adhesive. Marmox Curved Boards can be used this way if the radius of the curve is 200mm or greater.

With centres at 300mm, the Curved Board can also be fixed to a frame using screws and washers.


Marmox Curved Boards are made from 20mm Marmox Board, 600mm x 1250mm. The cuts on our curved boards are across the width.


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