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Slicedstone Veneer Sheets

Natural stone finish in large format, ultra thin Slicedstone sheets.

Using the latest technology, Marmox Slicedstone Veneers are peeled from the surface of Indian sedimentary rock and then re-engineered with a stabilised backing fleece, making them considerably more practical and cost effective than conventional, thicker cut, stone tiles. The surface of each sheet has been treated with a clear, polycarbonate solution to create a stable surface which is waterproof, stain resistant and allows for easy removal of adhesive and grout.

Each veneer sheet displays the beautiful colour variations of natural Indian sandstone. They are available to order in three sizes - 1220 x 610mm, 2100 x 1050mm & 2400 x 1050mm.

The new product’s slimline form - at just 4 (±1.5) mm thick and supplied on a specially formulated decoupling layer - means they can still be applied to curved surfaces both indoors and out.

Displaying the same beauty of natural Indian limestone, but in a way that makes them ideal for cladding/covering larger wall areas or even furniture. Their manufacture means they are both flexible and fully waterproof, as well as lightweight – being between 2.5 and 3.0kg per square metre – making them straightforward to install.  They will work well in domestic bathrooms and wetrooms as well as in commercial situations like spas.

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  • Slicedstone Veneer Sheets