Whether you are looking for waterproofing and thermal insulation or sound proofing and fire protection, we have a wide range of product solutions.

We offer a wide selection of products for architects, builders, project managers and anyone looking to create wet rooms and improve the insulation of their London, Canterbury or UK customers.

Whether you are looking to install a wet room shower tray, decoupling membranes, floor insulation boards, forms of sound proof insulation and thermal insulation products, Marmox is the best business for you to work with.

Multiboard products


Marmox Multiboard combines insulation and waterproofing in the form of a ridge board which can be used in a multitude of...

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Shower floor products

Shower floor

There are various wetoom floor products in. the Marmox range, including pre-formed tillable shower bases, surface finished trays...

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Insulated floor products

Insulated floor

Marmox offer a range of different options for insulating cold floors, including boards for use with underfloor heating. 

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Mineral rock

Marmox Mineral Rock boards offer multiple benefits, including Fire Protection, Sound Insulation and Thermal Insulation.

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These Prefabricated profiles are ideal for use as drip edging, stair edging and skirting. View our full range of sizes.

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High load-bearing building blocks which replace the bottom layer of blocks in a wall to help prevent heat loss.

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Marmox Slicedstone Venner Sheets and Slicedstone Mosaics Tiles, offer a natural stone finish that is both lightweight, flexible...

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There is a wide range of Marmox accessories designed for various applications. Have a look at our full offering.

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