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Hotel, Sport and Leisure

Marmox is at the forefront of high-performance waterproofing and insulation products providing the ideal substrate for the walls and floors used for tiling hotel bathrooms, the design of spa and wellness areas, and the tiling in swimming pools and health club leisure facilities.

Hotel leisure room waterprroofing

The ideal substrate for wet areas - leak-free with a lifetime guarantee

The unique patented blue core of the Marmox Multiboard makes it the ultimate tiling substrate, ideal for wet areas. It is totally waterproof, requires no additional moisture barrier, is dimensionally stable and inert, (it won’t warp or twist), and a great thermal insulator.

At the heart of the guaranteed performance is Marmox Multiboard consisting of a core of extruded polystyrene bonded between layers of fibreglass reinforced polymer concrete. This layer provides the perfect level of porosity to bond with tile adhesive or plaster. The extruded polystyrene layer provides insulation and makes the board completely impermeable to water. The combination of the rigid outer shell and the XPS core which absorbs lateral movement makes the board an effective decoupling layer.

Walls, floors and endless design possibilities

The Marmox range includes a comprehensive selection of products to suit a wide range of applications from hotel bathroom design, floor-level showers, designing wet rooms, tiling of steam rooms, and tiling in swimming pools.


Slicedstone mosaics on a roll

The mosaics are lined with an integral decoupling waterproof membrane and available in tile sizes 2.5cm x 2.5cm & 5cm x 5cm featuring ten beautiful natural stone finishes.

multiboard for hotel washroom


A lightweight, high-performance tile backer board, used for waterproofing, dry-lining and thermal insulation, offering the best long-term adhesion in its class.

curved board

Curved Board

Offer limitless design possibilities to create curved walls, curved partition walls and curved panels in bathrooms, shower areas, tiling steam rooms and wellness areas.

sloping board

Sloping Boards

Taper from 33mm on one edge down to 10mm on the other, making them ideal for wetrooms and shower floors with the drainage along the edge of the wall.

showerlay360 installation


With its pre-formed built-in fall, ready to receive tiling, provides a floor-level, barrier free shower base. Available with linear or point (square) drain formats.

Decotray installation for hotel shower


A patented resin bound synthetic stone floor-level shower tray which sits at the same level as the surrounding floor creating an open, step-free showering area.

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